October 22, 2021

Kalibotics showcases innovation, creates solutions to better the African economy

Kalibotics showcases innovation, creates solutions to better the African economy

Team Kalibotics

In an insightful programme hosted on Thursday, October 21, 2021, by Kalibotics, illustrating its innovation, the AI Chessbot, a demonstration of its true intelligence was showcased.

The programme included representatives from the Federal Ministry of Communication, Federal Ministry of Science Technology & Innovation, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), and the Federal Ministry of Education.

During the intense Chess Match; the demonstration, which involved the Kalibotics AI Chessbot and an expert chess player, the expert had an early retirement from the game as the chessbot had him cornered. “There were only about three moves he could make, but none of them could save him from a losing position.”

“When you’re playing with someone as powerful as you are, you would realise that all your moves are predictable, unlike playing with an amateur, ” the expert said.

He admitted the toughness and smartness of the Chessbot as he threw in the towel.

Kalibotics, driving innovation

On a mission to better specific sectors of the Nigerian economy, Kalibotics has a passion for solving African problems with Robotics and AI.

“We recognise that AI and Robotics can have real impact, and that we can create intelligent machines through the amalgamation of these domains of technology just as we have shown with the Kalibotics AI Chessbot. Using AI, Robotics and IoT, we can create and commercialise solutions for education, agriculture, and manufacturing,” Kalibotics told

It is no argument that the works of Kalibotics are commendable, but tremendous works come with challenges. The question is, what are your strategies to avoid limitations in achieving your goals?

Responding to this, Kalibotics listed out some of its current challenges:

Inability to manufacture or fabricate components of its projects locally

Finding enough skilled teachers to use its educational products

Finding appropriate funding to match the scale of its ambitions

In a country like Nigeria, there are solutions to every problem. Amazing skills keep building up and it’s true to say that the youths are not relenting.

Kalibotics is solving these challenges through partnerships with local manufacturers to fabricate components for its projects, commencement of funding rounds over the next one or two years to enable the company to commercialise its NextGen projects for agriculture, security, education, and manufacturing.

Speaking on the foundation of Kalibotic’s innovation, the company wrote:

“At Kalibotics, we believe in taking our destiny in our own hands when it comes to solving some of the great problems we are faced with in Africa. Over the years, technology has been a productivity accelerator and problem solving tool, helping nations to develop, especially in this era of the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution). Kalibotics was created to advance or bring to bear technological advancements to solve problems from agriculture, to education, to security, and climate change.”

Further innovations the company is working on include a Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicle, a Drone aware of its environment, an autonomous trash picking drone, a Humanoid Robot, a remote-controlled underwater vehicle capable of carrying out exploratory and search/rescue missions underwater. Its technologies include solar power, geofencing, lidar, object detection, security and defence, survey and mapping, actuators, depth/stereo camera, ultrasonic sensors, among others.