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September 22, 2021

Love is magical: Fans react as Saga breaksdown after Nini’s disappearance

BBNaija: I hope my relationship is still intact, says Nini

By Modupe Ogunji, Ejiofor Toochi & Onuzulike Chika

Viewers of BBNaija Season 6 have reacted to Saga as he laments over Nini’s sudden disappearance from the house without any knowledge of her whereabout.

Recall that Nini was given top secret mission by Big Brother during her diary session yesterday (Tuesday).

Nini exit the house at midnight without the knowledge of other housemates. She is currently in a secret White House with TV and food to keep her company.

Saga, who is deeply affected by that, lamented and said, “I am talking to my microphone, and biggie isn’t answering me. What am I supposed to use my life to do like this? This doesn’t make any sense to me.“

His behaviour towards this has sparked different reactions from social media users as some considered it not love but an obsession.

Below are some reactions gathered by Vanguard:

@oge818: “Truth be told. Every woman wants a man who loves them but most are used to hard guys and toxic relationships. Chaii. I feel for Saga. Not easy being that they have been so close all through. If she was evicted, it would have been a different thing, but the sudden disappearance is draining him.Hang in there Saga.”

@lisaemmanuel2015: “This is obsession… bikonu. This is not healthy, you can be worried but not acting like she died. On top person babe. Nor be say the babe self dey reciprocate the love back.”

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@chidiebereachime: “But let’s be honest! Who goes to bed to sleep when someone you truly love is missing or even ordinary friend? This is a practical real life scenario. This guy (Saga) deserves an award to be honest!! Yes, is a game but this particular one is expensive besides Biggie is using style to tell us that he has unforgiven spirit! He is telling us that he is that friend when you reveal their secret, they will go all out to revenge, no matter what it
takes. In real life, there are people will reveal deep secret to because of how much we love and trust them. Saga is living a real life in Biggie’s house. He deserves an award!!!”

@mylagoslately: “I don’t know the kind of love Nini and her Boyfriend share but at this point, she should consider leaving him for Saga. She’d realize this after spending a week with her Boyfriend and still feels incomplete. I want a man that will love me like this.”

@ifeoma2: “Oh my… he does love her. It’s not his fault that he is in love. Saga act the way you want. They wont understand how u feel.”

@alexamirage: “This isn’t love. Starting to look like obsession. And that’s unhealthy.”

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