Mr Kunle Olawunmi, former Commodore of the Nigerian Navy and operative of the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), a cloak-and-dagger arm of the Nigerian Military Services took a risk when two weeks ago he outed, or “declassify” himself on Channels TV.

It was a brave and courageous thing done by a patriot in the service of his nation. He basically, literally, fell on his own sword.

What this gumshoe said on National TV, would have in other countries where they take themselves, their national security, and the highest interests of their citizens seriously, elicited a very serious parliamentary inquiry.

A high-powered investigation of the president of this country by the National Assembly is long overdue, to determine the extent to which external forces may, or may not have captured the presidency of Nigeria, and turned Nigeria into a Jihadist state, and the presidency a nest of the Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations and operators. Most Nigerians have had these inklings; these niggling suspicion that President Buhari was always at the head of an Islamist movement, and that the presidency was the core of the deep-state, and of events staged to create a cover for Jihadism in Sub-Sahara Africa.

What makes this Commodore’s public testimony more vital and significant is the immediacy of his claims. He is an uncommon insider; a shadowy special operative of the state with the highest possible kind of clearance to act as a special agent of the state in defence of the republic, including to eliminate any serious subterranean threats to the republic by all means necessary. As he said, “I kill for Nigeria.

I do not come to National TV to mealy-mouth.” Well, words to that effect. As I said, if Nigeria were indeed still a serious nation, and not just a “Feudal Republic” in which certain offices, and certain persons that occupy them, are deemed above the governing laws of the nation, the National Intelligence and Judicial Committees of the National Assembly would have been constituted, and using the investigative powers of the National Assembly, opened an inquiry on the presidency, to determine to what extent foreign powers and external forces may have “captured” the office of the president of Nigeria.

Because this is serious. State capture is the highest act of war against a nation.

A National Security system is put in place with many layers to prevent such capture of the state.

The question is: has President Buhari been turned by radical jihadists working inside his own government with his full knowledge? Is he at the forefront, as has been suggested in far too many quarters, of the current Islamic insurgency in Nigeria? Is he giving radical Islamist’s coverage to destabilize Nigeria and use the presidency to create conditions for the “Islamization” of Nigeria which is an act of treason against the Federal Republic? And yes, a sitting president can commit treason against his own nation, if in the service of other foreign interests to which he subscribes, he works either directly or using his proxies to overthrow the established constitutional order of Nigeria.

Commodore Olawunmi made very substantial and startling claims about this president which ought to attract very serious parliamentary inquiry in order to save Nigeria from an impending schism.

What should worry the leaders of the National Assembly at this stage is the rise of this schism. There are many more Commodore Olawunmis presumably, all shadowy men, and they are not going to stand aside and watch themselves and the nation they love to be eaten by the wolf. Presumably. At some point, a clear line will be drawn on the sand, and there may be no going back.No more rooms for conciliation or remedy.

This president is pushing too many envelopes. The National Assembly which ought to rein him in or failing which, impeach him is far too weak and compromised to save this nation.

Commodore Olawunmi certainly was not alone in laying the charges of deliberate destabilization of Nigeria against Buhari and the presidency. The outspoken Governor Ortom of Benue State in the same week made equally pointed accusations also on national TV about the President’s “Islamization” and “Fulanization” agenda.

The response of the president, or is it the “presidency,” to these issues raised more questions than answers. First, his proxies at the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission issued a most unnecessary query to Channels TV in a brazen and unconstitutional misuse of public power intended to protect the public interest.

The NBC’s query was rather clearly intended to intimidate and silence the press; the so-called fourth estate of the realm. Then the Department of States Services (DSS), “invited” the journalists who ran the interviews for “a chat” which is a euphemism for browbeating.

Then, the attack dog of “the presidency,” Mr Garba Shehu issued a most incoherent public rebuke against Governor Ortom. He even accused Ortom of “killing his own people” and “inciting ethnic cleansing.” It was indescribably reductionist. The President has never disputed or challenged Commodore Kunle Olawunmi’s bold and startling assertions about the president and the “presidency.”

But what did the “presidency” do? It nudged the Defense Intelligence Agency to issue an APB on Commodore Olawunmi. As of last week, the Commodore took his lawyer, Mr Femi Falana, walked into the DIA and presented himself for questioning.

Buhari still thinks he’s running a military dictatorship. But he can only wish. Resulting from its too many failures, this administration has mired itself in too many active rebellions. 

It has opened up too many fronts, and it is now showing signs of stress; of being overwhelmed by the rebellions that it helped to create in the first place. Part of the signs of a presidency under increasing stress is when its spokesmen begin to sound a little crazy. 

Listen for instance to Mr Shehu’s statement last week criticizing Amnesty International’s report of the extra-judicial killings of Biafran activists and innocent Igbo youth. Garba Shehu not only declared that this world-renowned Human Rights monitoring group has no right to operate in Nigeria. He accused Amnesty of abetting IPOB which he described as a “terrorist organization.” That is, of course, hogwash.

The only people who call IPOB a terrorist organization is that small circle inside the “presidency.” Most Nigerians do not buy it. We know who the terrorists are. They kill Nigerian soldiers. They have invaded Nigeria’s Defence Academy. They kidnap, rape, and abduct school children. They occupy people’s lands. Yet they get good deals from this government.

They are paid for being “repentant terrorists.” Real Nigerians are not as dumb as the Buhari presidency thinks they are. Garba Shehu also declared that IPOB has stockpiled arms across the country. This is, of course, a serious accusation, and would have been taken seriously if Mr Shehu had indicated, based on some number, the veracity of such accusation.

What’s his source? The police? The DSS? But where is the evidence? Where are the locations of the arms dumps and stockpiles? Where did the IPOB buy its arms? That should be easy to track. What kind of arms? If the IPOB smuggled in large caches of arms and stockpiled them nationwide, well it means the Police and the Customs are useless agencies.

But Nigerians actually know that Garba Shehu is telling a terrible lie against an organization that it associates with the Igbo.

This is an unethical use of the presidential office. What is immediately troubling is the implication, and the motive behind this false, very unfounded accusation, given the paucity of serious evidence. It is, many are now suspecting, the perfect prelude to a renewed campaign of killings of young Igbo men and women nationwide.

Garba Shehu and his “presidency” must then be put on notice properly: this attempt to turn the IPOB into what it is not will not fly. And there will be reckoning someday when he will be forced to give an account of any complicity in the extra-judicial murder of Igbo people. There is no justification for IPOB to stockpile arms.

There is no scintilla of evidence produced by Mr Shehu. His claim would be outrageous if we have not heard worse by Shehu who has singly turned presidential communication into partisan and ethnic agitprop.

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