MayomikunFadipe, a succinct Nigerian poet hascalled on Poets to explore oral recitation of poems saying that overtime; poetry has taken several shades, as its aesthetic component and versatility has been explored by several great minds who understand its power.

According to the Poet, the power of rhythmic poetry lead her into performing fascinating poetic interlude at conference and seminars to create a lasting impression on the audience and to pave way for a smooth and relaxing transition from a speaker to the other.

Speaking on the importance of poetry, Fadipe explained that the importance of the art in human existence cannot be overruled because of its impact on human beings as a tool of expressing and preserving historical events and various philosophies.

“As westernization unfolds, poets have taken the liberty to explore poetry with rhythms and rhyme and it has not yet lost its beauty.

“Poetry which is written in lines and stanzas has its uniqueness and aesthetics embedded in its figurative language, rhymes and rhetoric devices.

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“With the sticky effect of rhymes and rhythm that makes for ease of memorization, poems were originally memorized and recited. Most stories like the Iliad and odyssey were memorized as epic poems and passed from one generation to another.

“The poetic license and devices a poet enjoys gives him/her the liberty to play around with words for aesthetic effects and present ideas in a compelling form that allows for depth of reasoning and diversification of interpretation by the reader,” she said.

Speaking further, the poet stated that poetry and music are closely related than we think because it “steers emotive response.” She also disclosed that she has performed at several weddings, birthdays, anniversary and surprise for lovers that made them fall head over heels in love with each other.

“Like music, it entertains, reinvigorates and nourishes the soul especially when performed, that it steers emotive response. Its rhythmic flow that makes for ease of remembrance helps to preserve opinions, cultures, values and history as it is easily transferred from a generation to the other.

“Beyond expressing an idea, a poet serves as a voice to the voiceless, champion a course for change, spur reflection and paradigm shifting thoughts. The kind of thought patterns that birth inventions and revolutions,” she said.

With well over 50 poems to her credit, Fadipe’s unrestrained poetic finesse has spread its tentacles across several stages.

To read more of her poems visit or watch 60Seconds+withMayo Vlog. Her social media pages @mayofadipe blazes from numerous incredible poems.


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