June 28, 2021

LAM360 Launch- We will cut 30% operational costs by adopting Diesel Management Technology- Nohawing

LAM360 Launch- We will cut 30% operational costs by adopting Diesel Management Technology- Nohawing

By Victor Arjiromanus

A Nigerian Telecoms infrastructure management company, Nohawing Global Resources Limited, has said that it is set to cut down over 30% of its operational costs, by adopting new digital technology, LAM360.

LAM360 is a remote monitoring and diesel management systems that operates across over 1,500 telecoms masts it manages nationwide.

Speaking in Enugu after the commencement of the Proof of Concept(PoC) process, the managing Director of Nohawing Global Resources Ltd. Engr Emeka Dennis said, that LAM360 is a viable initiative, that will help cut down cost of production.

He said; ‘anyone who understands the telecommunications infrastructure management and maintenance business in Nigeria knows that over 70% of cost is on diesel and generator maintenance, and majority of unplanned shutdowns and costly downtime comes from unexpected diesel outage due to theft. So for us the LAM360 solution not only solves our theft problems, but, also smoothens our operations, improves the services we render to our clients, and we are happy to be partnering with Blue Visage Limited as it is candidate for the PoC’

Explaining what the LAM360 will render as services to its clients, Senior Manager with Blue Visage, Owners of LAM360 service Mr Matthew Bazuaye said;

“LAM360 is a fully automated diesel management solution powered by IoT technology. The service covers monitoring and anti-theft, supply and management, optimization of diesel usage. Enabled by an IoT sensor requiring no special connectivity gateway, no electricity, equipped with a robust highly sophisticated firmware and IoT device management platform. The sensor is rated by start-us as the most accurate and efficient diesel monitoring sensor in the world today and we don’t expect that any technology can beat ours in the next ten to twenty years, because we would continue to improve and set new standards”

He further stated that “unlike other remote monitoring sensors, L360 is heavy on notifications and alerts, giving you such prompts as refuel prompt which you would receive when your tank level drops to about 15 to 20% and it can also based on your consumption rate tell you when the diesel in your tank will run out. The sensor will immediately alert you when theft starts on your tank and that would enable you catch the thief if you have a quick response mechanism”

Mr.Bazuaye, reiterated the capacity of the LAM360 service to identify and report theft or any other defaults that could hamper smooth flow in the business.

“Are you a victim of under-supply or do you have staff who would collaborate with your vendors to under-supply quantities paid for and keep the change? LAM360 will make it impossible for them. On our platform, you will know the minute, the hour and date diesel was delivered to your site, how much quantity you had prior to the refueling and total quantity after refueling. The beauty of it is that no one can manipulate the numbers, not even us. These details can also be sent to you as an alert after every refueling process. This DATA is GOLD”

In the past what you have, is a situation where thieves would disconnect the level sensor from power source and after stealing as much diesel as they want, they will reconnect it to power and this entirely defeated the purpose of having a diesel level sensor installed in remote locations. However, with Lam360, there is no power button, no visible power source, no cables, rugged firmware that cannot be vandalized, a complete solution that has put control in the hands of our clients, and we are very happy to offer this service absolutely free to customer who qualify for our freemium and subscription services”

On its deal with Nohawing, Bazuaye said was a recorded success, after which, it has had other clients approaching them for their unique service;

”When Nohawing approached us in April 2020 regarding the bugging challenge of diesel theft we assumed the solution would only appeal to companies within that service niche but as we set to launch, we are receiving a lot of requests coming from estate management companies, facility management companies, churches, banks and a lot of sectors where we never imagined were experiencing this problem of diesel theft, and this we find very exciting, because it speaks to the fact that our solution will indeed be impactful across sectors and this is the highest reward you can ever ask for” He said.