May 18, 2021

Rape offences should not be bailable – Erelu of Lagos

Her Royal Highness, Erelu Abiola Dosumu, Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos has thrown her weight behind the call for the rejection of bail for rape offences.

She made the call during the visit of the Executive members of Lagos State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, to the Talala Art and Culture Afrique Centre, TACAC, on Tuesday in Lagos.

On achieving a sane society with the right future leaders, Erelu tasked Nigerians, especially adults to continue to mentor, advise and show good examples to youths.

“The onus is on us to be conscious of our behaviour and action because the youths are watching. When I was young, one could leave his or her goods at the market for hours or days, and come back to meet it where it was, if not bought,” she said.

Dosunmu also tasked Journalists on the need to always disclose or reveal the identity of culprits on issues that are of utmost importance to the society, so that others would not be encouraged to do same.

“Name the names, shame the culprits and don’t spare wrong doers. Expose culprits when you have facts,” she said.

She noted the importance of the media in the society, admitting that the “Pen is mightier than the sword”.

She urged journalists to embark on in-depth reportage by giving attention to those who are directly affected to share their experiences on issues and events rather than scratching the surface of a story.

According to her, “A developing country like Nigeria needs information, because without Information, we will be in the dark ages.”

Dosunmu urged Nigerian leaders to be patriotic in tackling issues affecting Nigerians.

She emphasised the need for Nigerians to be committed and diligent in serving the country, saying she had contributed her quota to the development of the country.

“About 20 years ago, I came up with a programme known as the National Pride project which was presented to the then President of Nigeria. The programme was geared towards developing national pride and loyalty among citizens of Nigeria.”

She went memory lane and narrated how she made indelible footprints in Nigeria’s cultural space.

“I sleep culture, I eat culture and this accounts for why I cherish the ‘Aso Oke’ fabric having showcased it to the world.

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“Paying this visit to me is a honour and an opportunity for me to rekindle my relationship with your sector. The collaboration between my foundation and NUJ will add value to the Nigerian society at large.”

She commended the zealousness and doggedness of Lagos State Council Executive members of NUJ, saying this had brought her joy.

The Lagos NUJ Chairman, Mr Adeleye Ajayi lauded Erelu Dosunmu for receiving the executives of NUJ Lagos State Council led by him.

“We decided to pay you this visit to tap from your wealth of experience and to seek your motherly advice on issues.

“We also appreciate the giant strides you have recorded in Nigeria’s cultural space,” Ajayi said.

The NUJ Chairman said it was right paying such a visit to the Erelu of Lagos being one of the top and highly respected chiefs in Lagos.

The Chairman equally reeled out areas Lagos NUJ was in dire need of assistance, particularly on the completion of the Iyala Secretariat and skills training for members of Lagos Council.

Other executive members present at the visit included, Mrs Abiola Beckley; Vice Chairman; Mr Tunde Olalere Secretary; Mrs Iyabo Ogunjuyigbe, Treasurer; Mr Innocent Anaba, Financial Secretary; Mr Debo Oshundun, SWAN Chairman; Mrs Adeola Ekine; NAWOJ Chairperson; Mr Kemi Ishola, EX-Officio; and Mr Olayide Awosanya, EX-Officio.

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