April 8, 2021

Xerde introduces app for social funding

Nigerians looking to host their social events including parties and charity drives have a reason to smile as fintech outfit, Xerde Limited has rolled out its innovative application, Tudo.

Founder of the startup, Khadijat Abdulkadir said  the app provides solutions to social funding while driving digital transformation and providing quality and accessible solutions to Africa.

According to Khadijat, who holds a double Masters in Business Engineering and Management Science, Tudo is a Social Fintech which enables financial collaboration by providing users with an alternative way to achieve social financial goals by creating and then sharing them with contacts to achieve them faster with the contribution of each individuals’ extended network.

“This is really just to solve the social day-to-day things that we do quite more often but do not have a wholesome platform to handle. The whole idea is to support you to gather the funds as an organisation, we take service from end to end”.

We are not serving businesses but really just supporting social financing which is like the day-to-day little thing people do amongst themselves. Social contributions include such things like baby showers, bachelors eve, raising money for friends, church activities and the likes,” she added

Khadijat, who has worked with world-leading organizations in the industry such as Microsoft and Accenture USA and Apside France, further added that the app provides an option for anonymity while also ensuring users’ protection via high-level encryption.

Also speaking, the Chairman of the Board of Xerde Limited, Austine Abolusoro described Tudo as an innovative product that is meant to solve day to day problems of people.

“In Africa, we are very communal. We want to support each other. Somebody is getting married, we want to contribute. Even birthdays, we want to contribute, burials, we are contributing, every time we are contributing. But sometimes, these contributions lead to some other types of crisis and problems where accounting for money contributed becomes an issue. Tudo is designed to solve that problem,” he said.