A 17 year old master Michael Ahamefula Ejikeme-Nzeh has narrated how and why he wrote his novel titled ‘Realms of immortals’.

In this interview, Ahamefula explained how Nigeria can use his wealth of knowledge penned down in the novel to solve the problem affecting the country. Except:

May we know you?

My name is Michael Ahamefula Ejikeme-Nzeh. I’m from NAZE in Owerri north local government area of Imo state

What is your educational level?

A level Diploma in Unilag

Can you talk about your novel?

It’s about fictional communities both on earth and in the astral. Emeka, a young boy who was chosen to save the realms from the grips of destroyers by returning the keys back to the kingdoms was helped by spirits in human forms.

It was time to save the realm of immortals and mortals and luckily for Ikechukwu (the wise one) and Agbachi the bells of life rang indicating the chosen one has been born. All that’s needed is recruiting him and add him to the reinforcement.

Unfortunately he lacked the strength and ability a chosen one would have, having being born to a drunken father and a doting mother it sure would take a lot of work and training.

Agbachi being entrusted to show and teach him the ways of the chosen one, she knew what it would take to win a battle again THE DESTROYER, having little time on their side she and the wise one sped up the training process.

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Emeka (the chosen one) having the hardest decision of staying with his mom or saving the universe goes through unbearable trauma.

We are yet to find out if he saved the world or stayed with his mother and died peacefully

What inspired you to write the novel?

I read the works of other great authors like J.K. Rowling’s and John Grisham and felt the need to put out something as brilliant as their works if not better.

How many of this have you written?

This is my first book

What do you want to become in future?

My dream is to one day become a political scientist and rule this nation (Nigeria) hopefully help us with matters that are pressing.

Can your novel be used to address the issues affect Nigeria?

My book can be used in several ways depending on the readers point of view. According to my own point of view anyone who have read the book (realms is immortals) will know that the main characters were both disciplined and determined. We lack these features in our youths today hopefully it can be restored.

What do you tend to achieve with this novel?

We don’t really have young authors in Nigeria only a few, so  for me writing a book is actually an achievement. My friends can now see that it isn’t that hard hopefully I can spark the minds of our youths who have deviated from working hard to achieve a goal to simply being given freely.

We all know the Youths are the leaders of tomorrow if they have failed before the next generation, what do we have? A downfall In respect of humanity. I want to be known as one of the person who helped change that ill mannered mindset of our youths.

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