April 22, 2021

Know your rights! Experts at WCTL share three actions against sexual assault

West Coast Trial Lawyers (WCTL) is a top law firm with attorneys who have obtained over $1 billion dollars in settlement and judgments for their clients. The firm has skilled and experienced lawyers who are passionate about getting justice for victims. According to WCTL, sexual assault needs to be curbed to create a safe living space for everyone; people should not live in fear of being sexually assaulted. The firm is currently working on various sexual assault cases, included cases against Soulja Boy and Takeoff.

Sexual assault is a topic many resist to discuss publicly because of fear of victimization. When it comes to stopping sexual assault, each one of us has a role to play. With recent research showing an increase in sexual cases, knowing our rights is crucial, and being aware of the actions that can be taken against the perpetrators indispensable.

Here are three actions against sexual assault as shared by WCTL:

Speaking up

By creating a conducive environment for the survivors, they can speak up and bring forward evidence to be used in prosecuting the perpetrator. Also, the victims can be consulted by psychologists who will help them overcome the traumas. The law indicates that anyone found guilty of sexual assault, whether it is rape or any other unwanted sexual contact, is liable to a jail term.

In speaking up, more victims dare to come forward, and perpetrators are prevented from doing it to others.

Stop stigmatization and victim-blaming

Most victims are usually in a state of denial, wondering why it happened to them. As a society, we should welcome them back into the community and avoid victim-blaming. Stop suggesting that whatever happened to them was their fault.

Bystander intervention

For this to work, we must all join hands to fight against sexual assault and understand its various forms. According to WCTL, most of us do not understand which words are considered provocative and sexually demeaning. We should call out perpetrators as quickly as possible to stop sexual assault.

Sexual assault is becoming a common crime. With so many misconceptions and stigmatization, we need to put in a lot of hard work to curb it. It all starts with us as individuals. Various agencies are working on educating people on ways to prevent sexual assault. We hope the awakening happens soon!