March 5, 2021

Tribute: Jayne Onwumere, queen of the real estate network

Tribute: Jayne Onwumere, queen of the real estate network

Jayne Onwumere

Dr. Jayne Onwumere

Perhaps there is no better time to celebrate the Group Managing Director of Property World Africa Network (PWAN Group)  Dr

(Mrs) Jayne Obioma Onwumere, than now.

Little wonder why friends, associates and relations have, over the weekend, taken it upon themselves to break the invigorating solitude of her Victoria Garden City (VGC) exclusive residence, just to make her birthday a memorable one.

And are you wondering why Dr Jayne is called Queen of real estate network marketing? Nine years ago, she wrote her name in gold as the Amazon to whom the pride of being the visionary of real estate network business model belongs to.

The genesis

Sometime in 2009 and 2012, Dr Jayne and her husband, Dr Augustine Ozioma Onwumere, had lived in 13 places, squatting with relations and acquaintances. It was out of that personal need to have a place they can call their own home that the then distressed couple stumbled into the first network marketing business model that the world has ever employed to market real estate products.

Together, they birthed the now sprawling PWAN Homes, with the vision to make home ownership dream a reality for all. Thus from destitution, Dr Jayne and Dr Augustine now sit at the pinnacle of the management board of PWAN Group, which boasts of over 21 affiliate companies, as GMD and Chairman of the group, respectively.

Firmly established following the template that was midwifed by Dr Jayne and Dr Augustine, PWAN Group is reputed as the clear industry leader in Nigeria’s burgeoning real estate sector.

Within nine years of operation, the firm has established about 250 exclusive residential estates in Nigeria alone.

It is also known as the single corporate entity with the largest land bank spread over the South-West, South-East and South-South Nigeria.

A gift to other practitioners

As she marks another mile stone of her life, Dr Jayne will be remembered as a rare gem and gift to the business world. Particularly to all practitioners in the property’s sector; who have copied her model and benefitted immensely from it; despite the stiff competitiveness prevalent in the sector.

Her passion to impart knowledge and help other people live better lives has been a pillar of support to everyone who have come across the Onwumeres.

Her husband, Dr Augustine, once said: “My wife and I are no longer in business for just what we can eat, the cars we want to drive or desire for any personal luxury.

“Our goal is to help other people achieve their of home ownership dream, with ease; and to raise others to live a better.”

Family background

Dr Jayne Onwumere is the third in the line of her father’s seven children. Born in Utuh, Nnewi-South LGA of Anambra State, she comes from the family of academics; both parents being teachers.

Her father is the first graduate and school principal from Utuh, while her mother, who is from Nsukwa, Aniocha in Delta State, was the first female teacher in Nsukwa. Dr Jayne had her secondary school education in Federal Government College, Gboko. Thereafter she proceeded to the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, for her tertiary education.

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Growing up under a father who was a Principal, strict disciplinarian, and a believer in the girl-child education, Dr Jayne was taught how to read from an early age.

Hence, she developed a passion for reading literature books, like William Shakespeare books. She was also exposed to thousands of books, as a teenager in secondary school.

And growing into adulthood, she began to, consciously, invest in self-help and motivational books. All of which have helped in shaping her life, providing answers to business challenges and even helping her overcome stress.

Challenges in a male-dominated business world

Coming into business was never a rosy affair at inception for Dr Jayne. She had actually had to pass through the crucible of a humble beginning.

She explained: “The journey has been quite a rewarding experience as well as a very challenging one.”

As a woman in a male-dominated sector, she has had to prove her worth and carve a niche for herself, which has earned her respect in the business world, especially from her Team Managers, as the GMD of the group.

An epitome of an accomplished woman in business, Dr Jayne regardless of her gender, has excelled in some aspects of real estate activities otherwise perceived as men’s affairs.

For instance, in the beginning of the business, she has had to personally visit sites for land inspection in the company of men.

She always remained resilient, tough, dogged, and true to her passion and vision to keep her goals running. Besides, she has had to constantly develop herself, gaining knowledge from international schools, conferences, and seminars in a bid to stay relevant over the past years.

Some of the trainings she attended include the Owner Manager Programme (OMP 20) of Lagos Business School in 2015. She is also a participant in the Owner President Management Programme of Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA and she has participated in the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Programme in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA along with over 20 people from her Team in 2017.

Go Pro hosted by Eric Worre and his team is the largest gathering of network marketers worldwide.

Success secret

The secret of Dr Jayne and her husband’s business success emanates from the grace of God upon the couple’s lives. She explained that they made it a point of duty to give their business (PWAN Group) as a covenant to God.

As devoted  Christians the Onwumeres always made the Bible their standard of life. She takes reading the Bible with all seriousness. Invariably when she lost a close person in 2003,  she found the Bible to be her succour in time of need and happiness.

Other interests

Besides business, Dr Jayne has an infectious passion for teaching, writing and impacting lives, which she does regularly today.

She is an unrepentant giver and helper of people in need. An avid reader, she has also been a blessing to lots of people through written words; mentoring younger people, empowering women and seeing them grow and achieve their goals.


Dr Jayne’s advice to anyone who desires to achieve excellence in any endeavour is:  “Always be ready to go the extra mile. Work hard and do what other people aren’t doing, be a people person and very accommodating.”

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