Are you currently stuck in Express Entry Pool with a CRS score of about 350 – 420? Or perhaps you have been told that there no way you can be eligible for the Canadian Immigration pathways?

Typically here are the options available to you to improve your score;


  1. Improve your IELTS Score – upon a lot of practise and a couple of attempts, you bagged a CLB 10, that is, band 8 in Reading, 8.5 in Listening and 7.5 in Writing and Speaking. That is about the maximum one can earn in the language section – great job! 

  2. Boost your Education – you and your spouse currently have a master’s degree. What’s next? PhD? Well, earning a PhD degree can add more points to your CRS Score, but you could lose 10 to 20 points or more upon adding two to four years to your age acquiring a PhD. So, you swing to option 3. 

  3. Get a Provincial Nomination – you have explored it, but no success. You do not have a family member in Canada, nor the requisite occupation in demand or the provincial work experience or education.


  1. A Sibling Living in Canada would have earned you 15 more points. But this sometimes ends in wishes.

  1. The next option on the list is – Get a Job Offer. After several job applications, you quickly discover that Canadian recruiters seem to prefer applicants currently resident in Canada to overseas applicants like you. No-fault of theirs; they need to fill the spot quickly. They would rather avoid the seeming rigour of bringing onboard/waiting for an overseas employee to finalise their immigration application and resume the vacant position.

  1. The last and indeed most interesting option would be – Age!. Age is a significant factor in determining your CRS score: 100 points are allotted to applicants between 20 and 29. The points allocated drops by 5 points for each year added in age, such that at age 40, only 45 points are allotted. Then the points drop by 10 points for each year added in age. At age 42, only 25 points are allotted and by age 45, it is 0 point. It would be nice and by far the easiest way to claim points if you could all get younger. But definitely, it is impossible!

With all options available to you exhausted, maybe you were able to increase your CRS score to 430 or even 440 – about 30-40 points less than the prevailing cut-off score.   

So, what’s next? 

Did you know that you can offer yourself a job?

Yes, buy buying or starting a business in Canada. Owning a business can earn you 200 additional points as Arranged employment – NOC 00. 

What type of business? What is the price range? How many employees? These and more are the questions you may ask.

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