February 19, 2021

Raphael Vargas’ journey of persistence, hard work

Raphael Vargas’ journey of persistence, hard work

Raphael Vargas has taken his life in a wildly new direction, becoming a millionaire through the ability to learn and adapt. He went from living with his mom and brother in a crime-ridden area of the D.C. metro area to sustaining a lavish lifestyle for himself and his family.

“I became a Millionaire by the age of 24 after starting my business 1 year prior. My company was all about flipping houses and building a rental portfolio which then allowed me to begin a Real Estate education business called ‘Real Empire’.”

But success didn’t happen overnight. Vargas was working odd jobs at the age of 20 when he met a man that would inadvertently change his life.

“A random guy that walked into my job I was working at 20 years old. He said he wholesaled houses. I said I’ll do anything to learn, and he charged me $3,000 to learn, and he robbed me.”

But this betrayal fueled Vargas to get his money’ worth, one way or another. He knew that if he continued to take advantage of free resources and devoted himself to learning, he would eventually have enough to succeed.

“I sold all my music production gear and all of my Jordan shoes. Literally everything I had to have some working capital. I went to youtube and studied. My first deal took me 9 months of hard work. It was 30kprofit and I acquired it from cold calling.”


After that first deal Vargas’ confident grew. By year three he had made over a million dollars in wholesaling and flipping houses. The next step was to form a company to increase what he alone wasn’t capable of.

“At first it was just me. Then I build a large sales team, marketing, management etc. I learned through many consultants that I hired.” During this time his company took off, because “Real Empire” wasn’t the typical real estate company. While Vargas was successful, he wanted to do more to help others.

“Creating Leaders is a passion of mine. That’s the reason I started. It takes real heart and clarity in public speaking to be a good teacher.” Because “Real Empire” focused on mentorship, it allowed much of Vargas’ success to be derived from doing what that stranger years ago promised to.

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“I flipped over 1,000 homes in my Real Estate company and helped over 1,000 Real Estate investors to learn how they can flip houses as well from my education business.” The idea of rapidly shifting into a new market is too frightening for most people, but it had to be done. But Vargas knew that everything he had gone through before then were lessons that carried over.

“It taught me that I can really go into any business with the skills acquired in my real estate company.” Vargas caught wind of the changing times early, from a friend who warned him about the potential effects a pandemic could have on real estate. So Vargas needed to shift his focus and knew exactly who to turn to in order to do it.

“I partnered up with Dylan Baker, who has made over $5 million dollars every 2 years prior to our partnership. Now our business has been booming and making over $10 million Dollars a year all from Amazon Automation.” And the company he developed in order to do this is available to teach others as well. For an upfront cost “Real Ecom” takes much of the work out of learning how to succeed in amazon.

“Now we are able to help families have an online passive income business which is recession free and allowing them to have comfort in any situation.”

This business model is where Vargas is most comfortable, valuing mentorship as highly as individual success. He plans to continue doing what he loves and showing others how to do it along the way.

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