January 15, 2021

Meet Jessica Seth, an entrepreneur, model, content creator

Everyone can enjoy and absolutely adore the delights of parenthood. It is the most beautiful moment of bonding with a progeny, and it is often a moment that an expectant mother longs for. It becomes undeniably beautiful when this feeling is combined with one’s desires.

Jessica Seth Eguono Umukoro also known as Jessica Seth was born on June 15th, and hails from Ughelli North, Delta State. Jessica Seth, who accomplished long-term goals with her husband in her early twenties, serves as an inspiration.

Jessica Seth got engaged on July 15, 2018, legally married on January 5, 2019, and had her traditional and white nuptials on April 12th and 13th, 2019.

Jessica, on the other hand, asserts that her husband, a British citizen, is her biggest supporter, motivator, best friend, and fan.

According to Jessica, they intended to have their children all at once, which they have accomplished, and Jessica and Tim are looking forward to traveling the world soon.

As an entrepreneur, model, content creator, and brand influencer, she is versatile in all spheres. Jessica intends to be more visible in the entertainment industry and to establish a foundation that will aid and empower women and children. 

Regardless of the obstacles she has faced, such as media trolls, impersonation, and motherhood, she rises above it all and holds her head high as she works toward attaining  her goals. 

Jessica Seth, on the other hand, enjoys spending time with friends, going on vacations, and shopping, as well as remaining passionate about life, family, and photography. As a result, she stated clearly that she would like to take a course in photography.

Following that, Jessica Seth has been chosen by various brands and companies to be their content creator on social media , and as such, she publicizes a custom made updates about the brand’s products to a targeted audience. While Jessica Seth has a sort of control of her skills, her content creations varies as it suits the sort of brand she influences. 

Furthermore, as a professional  content creator, Jessica specializes in creating compelling, catchy based content that would help these brands build their stance, reliability, and efficacy in the competitive market, and also, generate more sales.