November 20, 2020

Why most businesses fail – Cody James Cruz

Why most businesses fail – Cody James Cruz

If you are in the world of digital marketing and talent management, you should have heard  one name Cody James Cruz AKA Cooler, a few times on your journey.

Cooler was born in Newport Beach, California, and mentored by Scott Warner, a seasoned CEO of one of the world’s top companies, now he has developed to be one of the youngest and brightest digital marketers and talent managers in the world.

Cody James Cruz (Cooler) is also a business developer who has spent most of his years developing his company and extending help to other start-up companies around him.

Cody believes that even the best business models fail in the hands of the wrong people. So, who are these wrong people? People who cannot identify, understand, and satisfy their customers.

Being a digital marketer, talent developer, and avid businessman, Cody James Cruz (Cooler) has grown to understand that identifying and understanding your customers is the first step and satisfying them is the next step to success in any business.

Satisfying online clients has always been a difficult job, and the job got tougher, considering that the enforced lockdown doubled the number of online clients.

It is virtually impossible to satisfy every client online, and that is why Cody James Cruz believes you need to first identify and understand them so that you will be able to satisfy them. If you can identify and understand your clients, Cody James Cruz (Cooler) believes it is much easier to create quality content for them.

The best way to identify and understand your clients is to create a niche and become lord over it. The Internet is a big market place, and you can only have part of it. Wouldn’t it be better if you carved out one part and try to be perfect in it?

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Everybody wants to diversify in business, and it is understandable, but not knowing and understanding your clients is the major reason most businesses are failing.

A personal relationship with your clients can even go a long way to help you know their fears and dreams, likes and dislikes, hopes, and aspirations, and you can now act accordingly.

Creating that kind of personal relationship with clients will keep them hooked to your business, and you best believe they will start referring other clients to you, and if I am not mistaken, that is really good for business.

So, Cody James Cruz (Cooler) advises that in order to keep your business afloat, you need to identify, understand, and then satisfy your clients.

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