Peter Oboh
Peter Oboh

Following the call by President Muhammadu Buhari that all those involved in the looting of Covid-19 palliatives across the country be brought to book, ex-British and Commonwealth Boxing champion, Peter Oboh has called on Buhari to temper justice with mercy.

Oboh, who has since hung his gloves in favour of the pulpit, said that although it was regrettable the looting took place at all, it should be noted that it was a spin-off of the level of hunger prevalent in the country as a consequence of the lockdown and coronavirus pandemic.

According to Peter Oboh, “The last couple of weeks have been tempestuous for our nation. Thank God that at last things have calmed down and we are beginning to return to normalcy.

“I want to use this opportunity to plead with the Nigerian government and President Muhammadu Buhari to temper justice with mercy when dealing with protesters who looted warehouses where Covid-19 palliatives were stored across the country.

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“It should be noted that they acted out of hunger and deprivation. There is untold suffering and hunger in the land.

“These are particularly challenging times for our country and government needs to have a listening and forgiving heart by tempering justice with mercy.

“That these palliatives were looted is a spin-off of the fact that they were never distributed to Nigerians during the lockdown, which was supposed to be the case.

“The response by governors that the palliatives were being saved for a second wave is lame and makes no sense.

“In fact, they own Nigerians apology for failing to distribute the palliatives because the lockdown brought suffering and death to many homes.

“The palliatives were meant for the public and the hungry Nigerians but shamefully, they were never distributed.”

However, he called on government to fish out those behind the shootings which culminated in several deaths at the Lekki Tollgate plaza in the climax of the #EndSARS protests.

Peter Oboh noted that it was sad that after all these days, the names of those soldiers behind the shootings were yet to be made public, while the Nigerian Army and the Lagos State governor continue to pass the buck.

“Who ordered the shootings? Which soldiers partook in that show of shame? These are questions Nigerians want answered, rather than buck passing.

“Government should go after the culprits with the same passion it went after Covid-19 palliative looters and all those that looted warehouses.

“It is only then that Nigerians would be reassured that government is sincere its drive to investigate and bring the culprits to justice.

“However, those protesters that looted and burnt police stations should be brought to book. They are just bad as the #EndSARS soldiers that shot at unarmed protesters.

“Yes, as Nigerians, we have right to demonstrate but it must be peaceful and not violent and destructive,” he added.



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