October 15, 2020

Nigerians kick as FCT bans protest due to COVID-19 restrictions

Nigerians kick as FCT bans protest due to COVID-19 restrictions

By David Royal

Nigerians have kicked against the ban placed on protests in Abuja by security committee of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) over COVID-19 safety fears.

Hundreds of Nigerians for the past seven days have been protesting nationwide over alleged police brutality on citizens.

It turned out to be violent in Abuja on Wednesday after a group of armed thugs attacked peaceful protesters at Berger roundabout thereby destroying vehicles and injuring some of the protesters.

The protesters despite the disbandment of SARS Unit by the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, have insisted that until they are fully assured of a reformation in the Nigerian Police Force, they will not stop protesting, expressing discontent over government’s failure to reform the system thereby subjecting the citizens to brutality.

In the security committee’s meeting, presided over by FCT Minister, Muhammad Bello, they resolved that the ongoing protests endanger the lives of everyone in the capital city and therefore should be banned.

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“All street demonstrations, protests, and processions will not be allowed anywhere within the FCT,” the statement read”

Not being pleased with the ban placed on protests, some Nigerians took to Twitter to condemn such action stating that if political rallies can be held in the country, protests can be held as well.

Below are some tweets gathered:

@henryshield “The banning of #EndSWAT street protests by the FCTA because of COVID-19 is the silliest joke of the century. You clowns went for campaigns and public rallies in Edo and Ondo!”

@andreachichi “Bunch of hypocrites. They cannot shut us up. They cannot intimidate us. They can not lock us up and throw the keys away. We are not our fathers. We are Nigerian youths and not slaves, we have our rights. They cannot trample on our rights”

@ikmohit “They used police they failed, tried military but failed, tried thugs still failed now they want to use COVID-19, please let me go and laugh small I will be back”

@Krysty_Ann “Ehyah!!! The Government cares so much about our health and safety. Confused faceConfused faceConfused face With the series of events Govt officials have been part of even during the height of Covid19, it’s this protest that’s breaking Covid One Nine rules.”

@Akewusolaf1 “Lol. The joke on them. US has the highest records but black lives matter protests went on. The rallies nko?, it only shows this govt is self-centred. #EndSWAT #EndSARS”

@turningmess “High profile weddings have been held without any adherence to Covid guidelines. Na todayThumbs down”

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