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EndSARS: Ohanaeze gives South-East governors 48 hours to declare stand
ENDSARS protesters.

By Justice Faloye

Some linear historians are already claiming that the EndSars protest is the GOAT, the Greatest Of All Time, denigrating the previous generation as unrevolutionary, thereby robbing all generations  of the true essence of our political evolution.

ASHE Foundation had long predicted this particular social upheaval and knows the true essence of this protest, especially tied to the extended Ogun positioning from June 2020 to January 2021, which is only the beginning of the final quest for Justice.

Only a proper analysis and understanding of what is happening can make the EndSars, the greatest and final conflict to free the Black Race, and not egoistic linear comparisons. A river that forgets its source runs dry. Unfortunately this prevalent Eurocentric linear thinking, as opposed to the true Original African cyclic reality, is at the root of the Black Cultural slavery.

It is why we don’t understand our history, disrespect our ancestors and their achievements, shun our robust traditional knowledge stored in Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, also known as the 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system aka Oracle. This is why no Black nation is politically and economically successful on Earth.

Our traditional knowledge teaches us there is nothing new under the Sun. All na repackaging. The Sun, the moon, the planets and the universe as a whole that reflect in our material and spiritual essences are cyclic. This is the only way we can understand history and use the cumulative knowledge. Unfortunately, lateral timing and history has confused our philosophical foundations by translating our Orishas/Alusis as single personalities at a particular point in history, instead of recurring cyclical spiritual essences.

For example, Shango/Amadioha(Justice), Oduduwa (leadership), Osun(love), Esu (information) are recurring spiritual essences that can be tying to planetary orbits. Just like we tie the spiritual essence of agriculture to the Earth’s rotation around the sun that brings planting seasons every year, concepts of Justice exemplied in Shango/Amadioha is tied to planet Uranus 84yr orbit around the Sun, while concepts of revolutionary change is tied to Pluto’s 246yr orbit. Number your days right so that you can gain wisdom of the heart.

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All orbits are divided into 12 sectors like with our calendars and clocks, which represent 12 different spiritual essences that make up a life cycle. The 1st being about birth and self (Mars/Ogun), 2nd about love and money (Venus/Osun/Ala), 3rd about communication (Mercury), 4th about home and mother (Moon, Yemoja), 5th about creativity and wisdom (Sun/Orunmila/Anyanwu) etc Modern behavioral sciences, especially management and social sciences, have proven this with the likes of Marlow hierarchy of needs, Herzberg etc also reflect the natural progression from self to social actualization.

Before the current Nsars protests, the previous generations had fought for Democracy, civil rights and independence, antislavery etc. Understanding history from a cyclical perspective makes one understand that Justice is an 84yr cycle and that about 84yrs ago the Nigerian Youth Movement was created and was a key factor in our independence movement. The NYM was also a culmination of efforts towards end of slavery and start of colonization the previous 84 yr Shango/Amadioha cycle.

The point being that this EndSars movement is a culmination of past efforts that has brought about the quest for restructuring of the entire neocolonialistic structure called Nigeria, and not only the reform of the police. If this is well understood it would prevent egoistic generational linear thinking and use the cumulative knowledge acquired over generations and sectors of the cycle of Justice.

The cumulative knowledge will make them understand why we have only South and Middlebelt supporting EndSars just like the pro independence movement and at the Confab. The cumulative will make them link the collective aspirations of the South and Middlebelt to their common genetic and cultural origins. Ultimately, it would make them know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of their course of Justice. Instead of vainglorious stances to do everything and take all credit, forming their own parties, they should work with the existing South and Middlbelt leadership alliance for restructuring.

This intergenerational cooperation will not take away the achievements of the present generation but help to make it truly the Greatest of all time. When considering other cycles especially the 250 yr Pluto cycle of revolutionary change and the 2000yr orbit of the entire universe that brings civilizational change, all coming together at this point in time, this generation if it uses the accumulated knowledge of the last 2000yrs will be the one to return global Black ascendancy after 4000yrs of global White supremacy that destroyed the previous 8,000yrs of global Black ascendancy. The cycle of God/Universe is captured in the Bible as the Apocalyptic Horsemen and this generation are the 3rd Horsemen on the Black Horse with scales of Justice signifying restructuring, the Age Of Shango.

Meaning the Nigeria Youth not only have the universe/God’s support to uplift Nigeria, but the entire Black Race. Many would wonder why Nigeria Youth are bequeathed this noble legacy, because they don’t understand their genetic and cultural identity due to the mainstream linear history. Abrahamic cultural imperialism  starting with the Romans, sought to whitewash global Black history by restarting the calendar at the start of the outgoing 2000yr era of Pisces/Olokun, which has used religious and political dogma to culturally disorientate and enslave the Black Race.

It distorts the origin of humanity and civilization from Southern Nigeria to the Middle East, and makes us disregard our 14,000 Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa knowledge bank that could enable us rise again. Especially the knowledge of the 2000yr cycle of civilizational change and the 250yr cycle of Oya revolutionary change as we focus on our history only after the commencement of trans Atlantic African slavery 500yrs ago. They believe Nigeria is a mere geographical expression, unknown to them that regardless of the British  colonial machinations, Nigeria was born with a Libra/Osun sun and an Aquarius Shango Moon, among other spiritual essences to lead global Justice and Black ascendancy, according to its birthchart. If we don’t know the time to rise, it makes us permanently unconscious.

If our collective thinking is allowed to fester in linear perceptions, this generation might get complacent by making incomplete comparisons with the last 2 or 3 generations and once it surpasses their achievement, they would rest on their laurels and the collective movement would be derailed. The youth would not know that our ancestors over the last 2000yrs are rooting for them to make the final break from Global White supremacy and Black economic and political disenfranchisement.

This generation is destined to be the arrowhead used to fulfill all the different stages of our collective political evolution. If you breakup the 84yr cycle of Shango into 12.sectors, you have 7 years for each level. Then you can understand the fight for restructuring that led to the 2014 Confab resolutions that outlines the quest for Justice for every single group, and not just Yoruba/Igbo separatist agitation. You will understand the NADECO fight for democracy under which the present generation has a right to protest against SARS, unlike under military rule. This will prevent them from being like the mid Sixties youths of Nzeogwu, Obasanjo, Buhari that thrashed all the pro independence agitation of the previous generation that led to true federalism, the effect of which we still suffer.

Instead of disrespecting and calling for the death of their elders, Nigeria and everything before them, they should seek out the true elders leadership and be the force behind them. Specifically, they must support the South and Middlebelt Elders alliance to bring in a pro-restructuring Igbo presidency in 2023, and if the mandate is stolen, they will once again close down Nigeria like they are presently doing.

They should have a vision of 2000yrs of global Black ascendancy and Justice by seeking to restructure Nigeria by 2024 and spread the concept of Justice for every single group across Africa, in a continentwide loose confederacy of self determined ethnicities. Then they will become Orishas, the Greatest of all time, or at least over the last 2000yr civilizational cycle


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