September 15, 2020

When the EIHL return for 2020-21?

The NHL and KHL returned to play in 2020 after having their seasons postponed. The two ice hockey leagues offer the highest-quality play when it comes to hockey but aren’t the only leagues delivering exciting play.

Other ice hockey leagues such as Sweden’s Allsvenskan are starting back up this autumn giving fans even more games to follow. Ice hockey fans are anticipating the NHL Stanley Cup Finals and debating which team will win Lord Stanely’s Cup. Fans can enjoy hockey betting when the finals series begins and bet on the team they believe will win.

The United Kingdom’s top level of ice hockey, the Elite Ice Hockey League, is still debating its return to play. EIHL clubs have continued to make player moves during the suspension of play. However, most operations have been put on hold by the clubs.

EIHL board members continue to talk over a return to play. Unfortunately, no definitive plan has been put into place for a 2020-21 season to take place. The EIHL will hold the season if enough clubs show interest to play. Any season will be slimmed down, however.

The ice hockey league has two potential plans in mind for a season. Plan A would see the EIHL season begin on December 5th. The EIHL’s Plan B is to open the campaign in January or February further slimming down the competition. The original EIHL season was supposed to start in September, but was pushed back to December. Concerns continue to grow over the possibility of no season at all being played.

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Each EIHL club faces growing uncertainty over their futures. Clubs have endured financial hardships since the league was put on hiatus last winter. The EIHL is made up of 10 clubs and it is anyone’s guess which teams would be open to starting the season late or waiting until September 2021.

Although teams have still added players during the league’s hiatus, several existing players have moved to clubs in Scandinavia or North America. There was an initial flurry in signings. Yet, some players have now sought employment elsewhere.

The Glasgow Clan became the latest EIHL club to confirm they informed players to seek out other clubs this week. According Gareth Chalmers, chief operating officer of Glasgow Clan, the decision to inform players they can seek playing opportunities elsewhere was a difficult one to make.

The announcement throws more fuel on the fire of the league not playing in 2020-21. The EIHL’s uncertainly leaves a number of professional hockey players without jobs. In North America, the 2020-21 NHL season is expected to drop the puck in December. However, there are question marks around the NHL’s start date and how the next season will look. Even the world’s biggest ice hockey league is uncertain over what will happen.

The EIHL aims to have a decision made on September 15 about the season and how it will unfold. Players, coaches and fans are hoping for the best, but it doesn’t feel like the EIHL will play this season. The EIHL may have to go dormant and return in 2021.