ENUGU ATTACK: Unarmed people killed under South-East govs' watch— IPOB
Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

By Chioma Gabriel, Special Features Editor

Following last Sunday’s clash between suspected members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in Enugu, Publicity Secretary of the group, Mr. Emma Powerful, in this interview, insists that those killed were unarmed people performing morning exercise, saying South-East governors are more interested in 2023 politics than condemning the incident.

The South-East Senate caucus, Ohanaeze Youths and the Association of South-East Town Unions, ASETU, have called for a judicial panel of inquiry into last Sunday’s alleged killings in Emene, Enugu State. Where does IPoB stand on this?

The demand for a judicial panel of inquiry into the Enugu massacre of unarmed IPoB members is a step in the right direction.

But it is one thing to make a demand, and another to heed the demand. It is up to Enugu State government to have the courage to do the needful.

We will be surprised if the governor can dare the leadership in Abuja and set up a panel to unravel the truth of what happened in Enugu on the fateful day for the world to see how our members were massacred in broad daylight by security operatives without any provocation.

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Since 2015, security agents have continued their killing spree against peaceful agitators. But all those involved in this one must face the consequences of their action. IPoB has the right to self-defence, and it is our fundamental right to defend ourselves and our land.


Enemies keep taking us for granted probably because of our nonviolent disposition, but they forgot that the 1967 – 1970 pogrom cannot be the same with 2020.

All terrorist herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists in our land must know that we are ready for them. We are warning those giving cover and support to these terrorists ravaging Southern Kaduna and Judeo-Christian Biafrans, that this land won’t contain us with them no matter what they do to deceive the gullible minds.

The South-East governors appear to be silent on the matter…

We are not worried about the silence of governors, senators and other politicians in Igboland because their actions prove that they are part of those planning to cede our ancestral land to outsiders.

We are not banking on them because we know their selfish political interest is paramount to them than the freedom of their people. Their allegiance is to their masters.

Some of them have been promised the vice presidential ticket in 2023. That is why they are ready to do anything to actualise such selfish ambitions. They are ready to trade their people for political appointments. The governors have nothing to do or say because they are compromised.

Since it is now obvious to all of us that those who call themselves our leaders are not true leaders, we should be ready to take our destiny in our hands. We say to our people, fear not for our victory shall come in no distant future, and any Igbo blood lost in this epic struggle will be requited manifold.

We are aware that some so-called leaders and commercial Biafra agitators in our land are secretly strategising with our enemies. But one thing is certain, they will regret their actions.

With the alleged Enugu killings suggesting that security agents may keep going after IPOB events, are you going to change your strategies?

Since the formation of IPoB, security agencies have been going after our members, but the one in Emene, Enugu State, on August 23, shows it must stop. That we are a peaceful movement fighting for the peaceful restoration of Biafra does not mean we are cowards

Yes, we have no guns and ammunition, but in the mind of our people is the greatest weapon—The will to be free from domination and terror. We will succeed.

We have the will to survive and the will to build one of the greatest nations on earth. The world would note that the black race can do something unimaginable.

Security agencies keep saying they were attacked by IPOB members? How true is that?

Does such a claim sound logical? How can unarmed persons who came for morning exercise disarm and kill heavily-armed security agents? Does it sound believable?

They have been lying, but the world knows the truth. IPoB, unlike the Nigerian security agencies, does not thrive in propaganda. We speak the truth because we are children of light.

We are not armed and have never killed anyone. Maybe the reason security agents fleeing from Boko Haram and terrorists in the North are slaughtering us like fowls without any provocation is that we are non-violent.

Instead of confronting the terrorists wreaking havoc on both the security forces in the North and ordinary citizens, the Nigerian Army, police and sister-agencies prefer killing peaceful and unarmed Biafra agitators. But enough is enough.



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