Electro-Centric Energy

By Adeyemi Adewole

As an electrical engineer, I have often wondered why electrons never run out of energy though they are always in motion. It is well known that a moving body will slow down and finally stop due to loss of energy.

I figured that the only reason why electrons never run out of energy though they are always in motion, is that electrons keep drawing energy from an inexhaustible source. I found that this is so after performing several experiments.

I discovered this natural, inexhaustible source of energy that keeps moving electrons. This natural source of energy is new and the name which it shall be called is Electro-Centric Energy.

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Whereas solar energy is visible and its heat can be felt, wind energy is invisible and can be felt, Electro-Centric Energy is invisible and can’t be felt. Because Electro-Centric Energy can neither be seen nor felt unlike many other known sources of energy, it is no surprise that Electro-Centric Energy has remained hidden for so long.

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In searching for ways and means of exploiting Electro-Centric Energy, I made several devices which I used to harvest electricity from this natural system. It is the same way that you would need solar panel to harvest solar energy, or wind turbine to harvest wind energy.

Seeing that it is an unnecessary waste of time, effort and materials harvesting little energy with little devices that I have made so far, I have designed a large unit measuring 1.7 m x 2 m x 2 m that would deliver 70 Mega Watt of electricity. Only power utility companies are capable of handling such a huge amount of power. The implication of all these is that power companies would no longer rely on fuel, hydro, wind or sunshine in order to produce electricity due to the fact that Electro-Centric Energy defeats these energy sources on almost all scorecards.



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