Considering the role of culture in our ethnic groups, TNT television station known as Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa on Gotv channel 111 and Startimes channel 171 has introduced a special TV musical platform called TNT Wazobia which showcases and encourages cultural ethnic groups in Nigeria through individual talents and cultural display.

The platform is concerned and interested in ensuring that cultural values winding up in most African regions especially Nigeria for western culture and civilisation is revitilised, sustained and maintained in the region.

Speaking on this unique programme offered on TNT Wazobia platform, the Group Managing Director, Executive Producer, TNT Television, Dr. Damilola Adefemi said that the platform is specially designed to showcase different ethnic cultural groups in Nigeria through individual talents.

According to her, Nigerians should not abandon our cultural values anywhere we are, so that our future generations can queue into it because African culture serves as our identity both home and abroad”.

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Dr. Damilola said that the show runs every day for the relaxation of Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa viewers and it is viewed across 26 states and 50 cities in Nigeria.

Continuing, she said that the uniqueness of the show is the fact that viewers are able to learn our cultural values of different region in Nigeria as all ethnic group cultures in the country is represented. “Our children can be taught our cultural values, languages, attire, appearance, marriage, behaviour and manners then assume responsibilities. When cultures are in display, it gives one a sense of belonging and makes you feel originally and it commands proud.

She said further that the essence of this show on TNT Wazobia is that we strongly believe that by showcasing out cultural value, it would help our children develop interest on our culture, understand their originality and become proud that they are Africans and represent the region well without being biased or sentimental on particular ethnic group.

TNT Wazobia is a musical show that connects the whole Nigerian ethnic groups together with love from one and only TNT, Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa television station channel111 Gotv and 171 Startimes.


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