Abacha’s former Chief Security Officer (COS), Major Hamza Al-Mustapha

By Olayinka Latona

“Al-Mustapha is saying rubbish. How will he claim his kleptomaniac boss kept money for Nigerians?

“Why was the money in his name and not in the name of our beloved country. Posterity certainly won’t be kind to him and his boss.” —Soloiki Olugbenga, Activist

“I really wondered what Al-Mustapha wants to hear about the looted fund because this is not a question about saving money while people are dying?

“I wonder if this is how to save a foundation that will sustain all Nigerians.” —Rev. Chris Nwanne, Cleric

“People like Hamza Al-Mustapha should be ignored; he is only enjoying freedom because of our weak institution, particularly the judiciary.

“A demented Al-Mustapha should be totally ignored and may Abacha and other looters alike continue to rot in the hottest place in hell.” —Shedrach Ayodele, Social Crusader

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“The CSO to the late General Abacha must be joking by his utterances and he should not be taken serious. Does it mean that Abacha planned to die before keeping such money for Nigerians.

“This is nothing but a lie and Al-Mustapha should stop decieving himself.” —Bolarinde Niyi, Surveyor

“This is a cock and bull story and Al-Mustspha is being economical with the truth and Nigerians should not be deceived by his stories.

“Abacha never meant well for Nigerians by stealing that huge amount of money and hid them in foreign banks.” -Aderibigbe Femi, Businessman

“Where did Al-Mustspha get his information from? Was it his master’s mandate from the bank that when he dies, the money should be given to Nigerians if eventually he dies because he never wanted to handover the goverment to anybody?

“I think he is day dreaming and did not mean well for Nigerians.” —Ganiyat Olayinka, Public Servant

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