Demolition of hotels by Gov Wike over lockdown violation
Nyesom Wike

By Olayinka Latona & Bose Adelaja

“Governor Wike has no right or power to do what he did. He cannot be an executive governor and at the same time be the legislator and the judicial.

“Agreed the hotels’ owners flouted the COVID-19 Pandemic guidelines, but is not for him to prosecute and convict. The Constitution is a grand norm. The owners of the hotels should take him to court.” -Rev Anthony Godonu, Cleric

“I am in full support of the governor, considering the fact that the hotelier is aware of the situation on ground. As PDP youth leader in a PDP governing state, he should be an apostle of the governor.

“Moreover, bringing tugs to beat up government officials is something too bitter to swallow. The action of the governor serves him right.” -Chinedu Osuala, Businessman

“The decision to demolish hotels in Rivers state over violation of the COVID-19 lockdown order is extreme and illegal. This act is not good especially coming from the leader of the state.

“I think the governor should have imposed other stringent measures rather than demolishing the hotel.” -Harley Titilola, Student

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“Governor Wike was showing necessary action and ensuring security agencies do their job well. He was commended for that by many & rightly so.

“But going on to demolish hotels is definitely way out of order. That sort of action is really condemnable. A fine should have been appropriate.” -Peace Nwosu, Secretary

“Governor Wike has every right to impound, auction, demolish and in short punish anyone caught violating the lockdown order. He did not make the executive order for selfish reasons rather for the protection of the lives of citizens which includes the hotelier and his so called family.” -Eugene Okey, Businessman

“Governments across the world have imposed countermeasures like social distancing, use of face masks and lockdown to stem increasing number of deaths arising from Covid-19 pandemic.

“But, it is unconstitutional for Wike to demolish hotels and auction the vehicles of alleged lockdown defaulters without fair trials.” -Michael Itiolu, Lawyer

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