Says, “ I’m not a fan of nudity”

Lisa George
Lisa George

By Ayo Onikoyi

Beautiful singer, Lisa George has only been doing music professionally for two years but already rustling feathers in the industry. She recently released her first official body of work, an EP tagged “Grateful” which contains five songs, namely; Grateful, Girls Abre, ODO, African  Woman and Love is Sweet. According to her, The Grateful EP is one birthed from a place of deep reflection of her feelings and vibe rooted in hope, love and positivism. She talks about her career and music in this interview with AYO ONIKOYI, Entertainment Editor.

What differentiates you from every other female singer?

What makes me different is that I am Lisa George  and that alone is a huge win for me.  I am blessed with a different kind of sound and a message that cannot be ignored.

What’s your take on rivalry among female singers?

When there’s no healthy competition, the game isn’t interesting. However, we should not allow certain influences and personal vendetta get the best part of us. Some school of thoughts believe that a little beef helps the industry but when it becomes a violent kind of situation, we should know when to call it off! 

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ODO, a track off your EP, what does it entail?

ODO, like you know means love, the sound is all about spreading positivism and more of love than hate. 

And how has the journey been thus far?

My experience so far has been a blend of both worlds.  I have had my own fair share of ups and downs and being here has made me realized that there are vultures waiting eagerly to take full advantage of my inexperience as far as how the industry works and that has helped me to “shine my eye well well” as it has been an eye opener for me and has also made me wiser . It’s also an everyday learning experience and I am happy for the good, the bad  and the ugly because they all have contributed to making my brand stronger.

What’s your plan for the brand Lisa George?

It is every brand’s dream to remain consistent and bankable no matter what and I don’t intend to be left behind as far as Lisa George is concerned. I might not be a household name at the moment, but in a matter of time, I will be on everyone’s lips. That’s the plan and prayer.

Female nudity in videos and seductive lyrics, what’s your take on it 

I believe as a lady, you can dress all decent and still look good and sexy without going nude in videos. I am not a fan of nudity and I would never be found guilty of such in any of my contents

Music seems to be the easy way out for youths of nowadays, do we say it’s the same for you?

I beg to differ and that’s because I have been doing music since a very tender age of seven and although that might sound cliche,  I make bold to say music has always been a part of me and I am not joining the bandwagon of youths that feel it’s an easy way out!


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