May 3, 2020

How Nigerians can adjust to post-lockdown realities — Oyemi

How Nigerians can adjust to post-lockdown realities  — Oyemi

By Charles Kumolu, Deputy Editor

Andy Oyemi is a certified life coach. He obtained a degree in Business/HealthService from Monroe College in USA and Master’s degree in Pastoral Care from Fordham University in New York. In this interview, he speaks on how Nigerians can adjust to the new ways of living following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health issues and emotional crises are reported to be on the rise following the outbreak of coronavirus. How can they be addressed?

The way to address post-crisis mental health issues and emotional crises are through reinforcement and monitoring. This will help at the initial stage because most people are going back to work and they may have lost focus on the exact things to do. Therefore, as a Life coach, my job is to reinforce, monitor and assess the progress of such individuals or clients.

The economic effect of the crisis is quite obvious in Nigeria. How can the country recover?

I believe strongly that the world economy will bounce back, but it will take a while. What we all need to do is adjust to the new reality. For example, let us focus on the positive things that have happened during this period. Most of us have learned to be more hygienic, we have received a high level of consciousness and education via the internet among other valuable lessons. Nigeria is on her way to recovery. We have also learned a lot from the mistakes of developed countries. I hope we would be better prepared next time the lessons learned.

What are your areas of focus as a Life Coach?

I have been involved in coaching and I focus on individual, corporate, relationship, and spirituality coaching. These are aspects that impact directly on most individuals who are daily seeking direction and are inundated with the challenges of finding a path that can lead them forward into a desirable future that they desire or deserve. Life coaching can help you and everyone else focus on achieving goals. It also helps you in overcoming immediate anxieties and challenges.

Why did you decide to become a Life coach?

The decision to become a life coach was based on my own experience essentially. As I was growing up, I struggled to achieve or get to the place I wanted. I strongly believe that I had to struggle because I didn’t have a life coach to give me the extra help. This motivated me to strive to become a life coach and assist others to get to their desired goals on time. A life coach is more of a supporting line to help you go far and get there. He serves as a buffer and safeguard at very critical points in the journey through life. Most or some people would have done better in life if they had a life coach.

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Do you see a role for life coaches in defining the direction of leadership in Nigeria?

Every great leader who desires to succeed would need a life coach. The role of a life coach is very important as the focus enforcer to help leaders remain committed to the set goals or objectives via constant communication, consultation, and consistency.

Life coaching can be developed through education and creating more awareness of the importance of having one. For example, if you are conversant with US media, you will notice that most US celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, have life coaches and corporate executives that handle their day to day monitoring.

What are the daily challenges a life coach faces in Nigeria?

Educating people, especially Nigerians about the need for life coaching and the responses have been good. However, there is a need to create more awareness through print and electronic media. Life coaching is a developing and relatively new concept in this part of the world. Like every new idea, it takes time for the people to embrace it. I strongly believe that we would get there someday.

Tell us about your books and your other works?

I have written four books so far. The first one is titled: Shechem The Place Change. It focuses more on spirituality and the awareness of one’s consciousness in the word of God and life itself. The second one is titled: A slice of Gold. It is a fictional memoir about immigration to the United States and its life-changing impact.

The third is geared towards the” singles and searching.’’ It is titled: Why I’m Not Married? I recommend this book to people in this category because this will help them respond to most questions about why they are still waiting just as I did 15 years ago. The fourth book is titled: Now, that I’m Married. It focuses on married couples and partners. In this book, one will learn life lessons through my years of experience dealing with others.