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This plague can’t stand Easter

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By Emeka Obasi

Tomorrow is Resurrection Day, it does not matter where you are. Those of us who claim to be Christians should not fear anymore. What we call COVID-19 shall be seen no more.

Christ Jesus must be celebrated and nothing can stop believers from making merry on Easter Sunday. I have a strong conviction that God will use the United States and Nigeria to show the world that He is King indeed.

Those who hate President Donald Trump have no choice. He is going to lead America to more conquests. Trump’s way may be weird and different, that is the way God operates. And as God’s Own Country, the US has an eternal deal with the Almighty.

Europeans brought Christianity to Nigeria. Today, many in Europe do not believe in God. Nigerians love praise and worship. Many worship their leaders instead of the King of Kings and their leaders have led them like slaves.

All that will change soonest. Those who call the shots in Nigeria will see the wrath of God if they continue in their wicked ways. The people are tired of life, their only hope is up above the sky.

Whoever advised the Federal Government to lock down Lagos and Abuja because of the Corona Virus should go back to President Muhammadu Buhari and ask him to lift what sounds like Presidential death sentence.

My problem with African leaders is that they import Europe and America into our system without doing the necessary back ground checks. I have always emphasized the need for governments to engage the services Consultant Historians.

That the Presidential system is working in America, does not mean it will work here. We are just wasting money on our bicameral legislature. In the US, lawmakers are accountable and are not paid like Bill Gates.

In Nigeria, some lawmakers are Lords. They earn as much as Jim Ovia and want to spend like Aliko Dangote. Little wonder one of them proudly brought his four wives to Abuja, reminding us of his wonderful contribution to the population.

At this time when all indices point to a dangerous explosion, one man boasts of 27 children. Should he be man enough to cater for all these products of his, it means millions our tax payers money will be used to service just one bloated home.

There are millions of Nigerians who have more compact homes and their children cannot feed. They are hungry because we have had a bunch of heartless people controlling the affairs of our nation.

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In the midst of hunger and despair, some people just sat down together and decided that we must lock down because Europe and America locked down. As usual, they refused to follow the examples of the West by making adequate arrangement for everyone.

Things work in those climes. They are not thinking of water, food and light. Ninety percent here cannot afford a decent meal. Those who are struggling for daily bread have been asked to stay home. Nothing could be more suicidal than this.

One sane voice in this government-induced punishment is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Love him, hate him he still has his positive side. And that explains why he has not fallen out in the open with many of his associates even if they disagree behind closed doors.

Tinubu advised government to remove Value Added Tax [VAT] to lessen the burden on the masses. That was before people started donating billions and millions.

While I applaud the private sector for their initiative, I am also not happy that they are not monitoring the disbursement of this fund. Those who are supposed to benefit may end up looking up to God for help while some smart officials grow fatter.

Before Tinubu donated 200 million naira, he waited for government to act on his advice. I do not even know who is in charge now. And when I advance an argument that Mrs Aisha Buhari could handle the situation better, some people will start screaming.

The First Lady understands the mood of Nigerians more than some of those who work with her husband. Those who criticize her probably do not love President Buhari. As husbands, we are too carefree in dealing with so called friends and associates. Wives have a third eye.

Hunger is dangerous. A hungry man is an angry man. Food brought down governments in the past. Food caused Revolution in France, the same also happened in America. Our leaders must learn from History.

Minor stuff like bread and salt played important roles in the French Revolution of the 18th century. When you hear of the Storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789 read through.

At the end, King Louis XVI did not only lose his throne, he lost his head. On January 21 1793, the French leader was beheaded. The king also lost his wife, Marie Antoinette. She was guillotined nine months later.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 should ring a bell. It had to do with taxes. It also played a role in the American War of Independence. Those who copied American democracy should go back to the basis.

When Daniel Ortega and his Sandanistas sacked the Somoza dynasty in Nicaragua, they never reckoned with opposition from the market. In the early 1980s, Managua’s Mercado Oriental [Eastern Market] was as critical as La Prensa newspaper.

We are talking of COVID-19. The world will continue to be plagued and History keeps repeating itself. When the First Pandemic came around 542, it was called the Plague of Justinian. It killed in millions and Emperor Justinain quarantined himself in Constantinople.

The Bubonic Plague, also known as Black Death, killed about 50 million in Europe, Africa and Asia as from 1347. Italy suffered a whole lot. The working class in Europe almost disappeared.

In the 19th century Third Pandemic, China lost about 80,000 souls in Canton. The disease spread to America in another killing spree.

So the more things change, the more they remain the same. This Easter Jesus will resurrect and COVID-9 will die a natural death. Those who fail to learn from History may also lose authority.


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