April 2, 2020

Favouritism in employment, one of the challenges confronting organisations – Incafaith

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By Naomi Uzor

A consults company has disclosed that some of the several challenges confronting organisations taking up staffing task themselves in Nigeria is shortage of skills, loss of manpower, and favoritism in employment process amongst others.

Chief Executive Officer, Incafaith consults, Prince Ayo-Akanbi Kolawole, said the challenges of many employers today is finding highly qualified employees which most often can be time-consuming and costly. However, he said, one of the best ways organisations can get the right people to save time and enhance growth, is to use a competent staffing company, adding that, engaging an independent and competent human resource outfit does more good for any forward-looking organisation.

“All over the world, there’s no doubt that employees are a company’s best asset. But attracting the best of talents is always an Herculean task for many organisations in Nigeria as well as in many climes” he said.

He said many companies have come to terms with the reality that outsourcing gives them the advantage of accessing a larger talent pool, critical manpower at lower costs, improved efficiency, higher returns on investments and much more, explaining that higher level of employee engagement leads to greater productivity.

According to him, in order to remain competitive in the global market, most U.S. companies engage the service of outsourcing companies which allows them to sell to foreign markets with overseas branches and it enables them to maximize profits by keeping labor costs low.

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He disclosed that his firm has been able to bridge the gap according to industry standards by fostering and promoting professionalism which actively discourages any form of unfair treatment, and being aware that top talent is holding the cards in today’s market and lack of appropriate staffs could hamper efforts to increase productivity, turn over and profitability, thereby preventing the company from reaching its full potential. So in order to make up for skills shortage

” In order to make up for skills shortage we are offering training to existing employees in order to tailor them to fill current gaps, hiring based on set standards. We don’t compromise, making use of referral systems most times, hoosing ability over experience, creating a database of talented candidates and recruiting via our online platforms. We endeavor to source for the best talents for clients, we selectively recruit our staff via the community, adverts, personal contacts, our robust online presence, we conduct rigorous screening exercises and investigations on their background to verify every information they provide us with so as to ensure that we recruit only candidates with unquestionable characters”

“Our long experience in the field of candidate searching, sorting and shortlisting, have made the job easier for us.”

Speaking on deployment of technology, he said the company has an ICT department that handles all digital communications. It also has training centers, where staffs are given the needed orientation and corporate internet banking that makes our payment prompt. One thing that also gives the outfit an edge is the flexibility of easy cancellation and renewal of contracts” he stressed.