People Talk: Proposed immunity for principal members of NASS (3)

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“The immunity plan for NASS principal officers sounds good but in reality, it’s not as the judiciary is weak. Nigeria is in need of positive policies but a self-serving bill like this is not a good idea.

“The legislature is proverbially acting the principles governing “he that holds the hoe will cultivate to himself.” -Adejumo Samson, Media practitioner

“These people are yet to be given immunity and we can’t pinpoint what they’ve done for the country aside from filling their pockets and vaults with our commonwealth.

“Automatically, if they are granted immunity, nothing will be left as they will manipulate and siphon more money without being questioned.” -Sinabio Abraham, Analyst

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“Sadly, it has passed first reading. The bill is proposed to alter Section 308 of the Nigerian Constitution. It’s the legalisation of corruption, impunity, embezzlement of public funds and unaccountability.

“The ripple effect will be disastrous. First world countries didn’t achieve what they did by asking for immunity, not even China!” –Mr. Oseh Jude, Youth Advocate

“Immunity for NASS will be a very big mistake and I think most Nigerians expect a lot from them. We initially hope that they will perform better than the previous house.

“All they have been clamouring for are for their selfish gain and interest, what a country!” -Ayomide Adebanjo, Secretary

“We obviously have a set of individuals with personal interest at helms of affairs. Immunity for principal members of the NASS means legalisation of corruption in Nigeria.

“Most cases of corruption, money laundering and misappropriation of funds are from this arm of govt and immunity for them means legalising corruption.” -Adewuyi Mayowa, Entrepreneur

“I can’t fathom where we are heading to in this country. There are a whole lot of issues that we need to tackle in Nigeria but behold, our elected representatives are seeking immunity for principal members of the House.

“What a shame and abuse of office! These peoples are just shameless.” -Olaoluwa Farotimi, Student

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