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March 16, 2020

People Talk: On Emir Sanusi’s dethronement, banishment (3)

Ganduje and Sanusi

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Ibironke Idowu

“Anyone who knows Sanusi will know he is always open and candid when it comes to irregular practices amongst top officials in the North.

“Why should we always be scared of saying the truth without being crucified for it? We definitely have a very long way to freedom.” -Oluwaremilekun Ojo, Teacher

“The news of the dethronement of Emir Sanusi is sad. It is unfortunate that those who should have intervened in the crises did not do enough to contain it.

“Thank God that it did not lead to escalation of civil disorder in Kano. Sanusi is too refined to be treated with such disdain and disgrace.” -Odinaka Urukpa, Blogger

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“Certainly, we must seek the interpretation of the law on the legality of banishing a citizen in Nigeria. If anything, the fundamental human rights of ‘freedom of movement and association’ cannot be denied.

“He may be deposed but I don’t think in this age, it is legal to banish anyone. Such act cannot subsist in this age.” -Okotie Victor, Fashion Designer

“The banishment violates Nigerian constitution; an accused must be afforded fair hearing and the accuser must not be the judge. It’s a disgrace that the country cannot deal with an intellectual like Sanusi.

“I still believe his perceived role in the last election led to his removal and banishment. I think this should be addressed by human rights bodies in Nigeria.” -Akadri Ahmed, Student

“I see the whole thing as muscle-flexing and political gimmick. Prior to this, there was a failed attempt by Ganduje to create more emirates in the state.

“Critically looking at the issue, it’s obvious that Sanusi wasn’t on the same page with the governor. In order to tell Sanusi that he who pays the piper dictates the tune, this whole dethronement and banishment strategy was implemented.” -Peter Blessing, Student

“Sanusi paid the price for standing up for truth, so his dethronement is a blessing. He’s a force to reckon with in the North because of his views concerning some issues affecting them.

“He has continually condemned some cultural practices that don’t make sense in the 21st Century and the powers-that-be see him as a threat. His removal simply means that the North is comfortable with the current status.” -Ogunsanya Oluwaseye, Student

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