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March 27, 2020

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG lock down the country? (3)

COVID 19, FAAN, Airport

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“Yes, it should be shut down as long as the Coronavirus pandemic lasts. After all, we have been managing ourselves before the outbreak of the virus.

“Government should work out modalities for the shut down. People should work from home and those who are not working should be taken care of by government.” -Olakunle Alesha, Student

“It’s no big deal at all if only the government does the needful by providing our financial needs.

“The government has record of our BVN which makes it easy to cater for us throughout the period we’ll stay at home so they should send money to our bank accounts to be cashed via Point Of Sale services.” -Wasilat Ayodeji, Businesswoman

“Looking at the rapid rate at which this pandemic is spreading, I believe a total lockdown could help slow it down but will the government make provisions for the teeming population that needs to move around to get their daily bread?

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“If the government can’t do this, then a total lockdown might not be possible. ” -Babalola Eleazer, Linguist

“If other nations that are better equipped with basic amenities, infrastructure and medical facilities are on total lockdown, you can’t lockdown a sector or part of the economy and leave another to run.

“All schools are shut but markets are still functioning, contact is still being made in one way or the other. We really need to start taking this serious.” -Semilore Afolayanka, Analyst

“I don’t support a total lockdown because many people will be deprived of essentials. People might even die of starvation if markets are shut down because some people may not have money to stock up.

“It will affect the economic negatively. We should just observe the preventive measures.” -Adaji Julius, Student

“Yes, the FG should lock down the country. The rate at which the NCDC is registering new cases is scary. This simply implies that many people are walking around with the disease and they will infect many others.

“So the best way to save our lives is to lockdown the whole country for now. Many countries are already adopting this measure to curtail Covid-19. Let’s join them.” -Akinpelumi Victoria, Corps member 

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