[People Talk] Coronavirus: How prepared are Nigerians  (1)

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“The confirmation of the coronavirus case in just two days is ‘a very positive reflection of the disease surveillance and laboratory capacity in Nigeria’.

“It will be best to scrutinize travelers, especially those coming from countries with documented outbreaks. I fear if the government is financially capable to fight this deadly disease ” -Nnamene Kelechi, Corps Member.

“I feel Nigeria is not ready to find solutions to the outbreak of coronavirus. Reasons been that the Nigeria borders are not shut and the medical health personnels are not placed in so many airports within Nigeria.

“In no time, Nigeria is most likely to fall victim of the virus which may cause the lives of many innocent people.” -Josephine Chuhwak, Student.

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“The Coronavirus outbreak is one that Nigerians are very concerned about but the present leadership through the Ministry of Health has taken drastic step to put necessary measures in place to checkmate and arrest the situation through sensitation and information dissemination.

“Also, just as we overcame Ebola, we will overcome this deadly virus.” -Ifeanyi Okoye, Rights Activist

“Nigerians are well prepared; they are more careful now about what they eat. They use sanitizer regularly and wash their hands with soap and water.

“They stay under temperature 26-27o C, resting very well, eating more fruits, taking Vitamin C regularly. Everybody is well prepared for the Coronavirus. I do wash my hands regularly including my family.” -Yetunde Motunrayo, Entrepreneur

“Some measures should be put in place to contain the virus because it’s new and we’re learning more about it daily.

“There is need for review of the situation globally to assess the risk of spread and improve on our level of preparedness based on new findings and insights. Govt should engage environmental scientists and experts who can provide insight about the virus” -Idris Nofisat Motunrayo, Student

“Nigeria is not fully prepared for the Coronavirus because we are not being proactive enough, even when we know the virus has spread to over 30 countries.

“Also, Nigerians are not being protected against the virus unlike other countries based on failure to observe personal hygiene by many. Based on these, I don’t think Nigeria is fully prepared for this virus.” -Tawo Olamide, Student 

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