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Coroner, coroner and coronation

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CORONAVIRUS: Danger as cases rise to 66, more states shut borders

By Emeka Obasi

This sounds comical, the word corona is toying with the globe taking us all back to our creator, some in prayers, many passing through the coroner. In Nigeria, Sam Loco is back with a ghostly title, the country is under ‘coronation.’

That is not exactly the situation. The world is knocked down, countries are under lock and key. This Corona is not the Toyota we knew, the Japanese Toyota family rested that model long ago.

I have some questions for the Japs. I guess they never knew Corona would come back to give them a light punch. It has done that by moving the Tokyo Olympics from 2020 to 2021.

And Corona also has to do with light. I see light at the end of the tunnel. Man was beginning to play God. Some nations spread death and horror all over our space, terrorizing the dead and the living.

I want to dwell on Nigeria. Those who think the Corona virus will just come and go like Ebola will be disappointed. We are going to hear so much from the coroner, death will visit all those who spread calamity round the nation. This is the first judgment. And after that there will be a new order, coronation will follow.

There is so much evil and wickedness in this land. Injustice reigns. Killers are celebrated, crowned as much as thieves are honoured while men of honour are despised.

It is a shame that 60 years after Independence, Nigeria is not better than an imbecile. I do not know how the world sees us. A country blessed with so much cannot utilize resources to the advantage of its citizens.

Today, there are so many of our compatriots from Edo State roaming the streets of Europe. We hear stories of ‘Madams’ sending girls to the streets of Milan, Madrid and Munich to sell their bodies.

Their ancestors will be weeping in marked and unmarked graves. As far back as 1516, Oba Esigie established diplomatic links with King John II of Portugal. Portuguese explorers held Bini Kingdom in awe.

By 1692, a church stood in Benin and the place was so attractive that the Dutch built a duplex there. Europeans were rushing to Bini Kingdom.

Government has tried to stop the human traffic to Europe, blaming everyone but leadership. Under a sane environment, only a mad person would travel to Europe to sell her body under terrible weather.

The same leaders that have failed to use our oil wealth for the benefit of all, blame the youth for fighting for survival. They may not remember that Libya under Muammar Gaddaffi did not know poverty.

I will not condemn the young ones who risk their lives to get to Europe. They were forced out of the country by the government. And we have to thank them for doing more than our leaders.

The difference between these girls and government is that the former makes money abroad and rushes home to invest while the latter loots our money and flies out to develop sundry nations.

Some of the magnificent homes in Benin and environ are owned by kids who were failed by their country but had to ‘hussle’ in the Western World. In the process, some precious souls were lost.

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All those who made life unbearable for young Nigerians, Igbo, Yoruba or Edo, forcing them to  do drugs in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia will not escape the lethal effect of Corona virus.

All those who received good education in the first and second republics, enjoyed government scholarships and refused to make things easy for those following them will be visited by the corona virus.

Any leader who squandered money meant for infrastructural development will be decimated. Fund that should be used to build roads, equip our hospitals and educate our people was diverted to personal accounts.

After the Second World War, America benefited from Germany. The great minds that sent the United States to space came from that part of the world. Their efforts helped civilization.

Juxtapose that with what happened here after the civil war. Great brains from Biafra were frustrated and many of them died in abject poverty. It is a huge shame that what Biafrans achieved over 50 years ago, are yet to be replicated in Nigeria.

While the world was celebrating Christiaan Barnaard’s human to human Heart Transplant in 1967, in Cape Town, South Africa, doctors like Theodore Okeahialam, Nelly Obiayo, Humphrey Anyanwu, Nwoko and Udokwu were doing wonders in Biafra.

They applied fresh coconut as intravenous fluid to treat wounded soldiers. There is no record of a Biafran soldier being flown abroad for treatment. All injuries were handled at home.

In Paediatrics, Biafra excelled. Okeahialam led the way. Usim Odim, Kenneth Diette–Spiff, C. Abengowe  and Ojinma worked round the clock. As kwashiorkor ravaged children, the doctors came out with a protein mixture, the Biafran Formula.

The invention was so effective that it was quoted in foreign medical journals. The World Health Organisation [WHO] also benefitted from that and tried to dole out a more refined version.

Student doctors were performing surgery. It was based on experience in Biafra that 50 former Red Cross doctors led by Bernard Kouchner, formed  Medecins Sans Frontieres [Doctors without Borders].

Crisis leads to invention. The Second World War [WW2] was the reason Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov invented the AK -47. From hospital bed between October 1941 and April 1942, the Red Army officer listened as fellow soldiers complained about their jamming rifles.

During WW2, Jet engine was discovered by Hans von Ohain and Frank Whittle. Penicillin, discovered in 1928 by Alexander Flemming, was applied on soldiers against infection.

The Federal Government should wake up and use available brains to tackle COVID-19.Instead of chasing Prof. Maurice Iwu up and down over electoral accountancy, he should be quarantined to produce a cure.

ASUU should forget their strike. This is an emergency. Let their members go to the laboratory and make a name now instead of this boring unionism.

This plague will come and go like the influenza of 1918. It will kill more than Ebola. And many will be humbled.


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