Community Policing
Vehicles for Amotekun operatives.

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“I am in total support of regional policing to complement the federal policing system we currently have.

“Regional security outfits will secure each region as well as strengthen the security architecture of the country thereby making the country a safe place to live and do business.” -Farouk Olaotan Shitta, Entrepreneur.

“In as much as different regions are tired of relying on the FG for protection, the decision to start creating regional security outfits needs to be defined.

“We cannot keep defying the rules and expect stability. Policing is not the exclusive responsibility of the FG by virtue of section 153 subsection 216 of our constitution.” – Jude Oseh, Youth Advocate.

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“I think it’s a good development. Since the internal security structure is nothing to write home about, it is no crime if every region wants to take an extra step to secure their people.

“However, I foresee a clash because the animals used to represent the outfits are dangerous. May God see us through!” -Tijani Jeff, Artistic Director

“I personally think the plans by the regions to form security outfits is a good one and they will assist the federal security. It is obvious the federal security outfits have not been able to meet this challenge.

“Regional security outfits might not be the total solution to the nation’s insecurity but it will go a long way.” -Olaniyan Temiloluwa, Linguist

“The regions can only try to curb crimes but the question is, for how long? Restoring peace and sanity in the country takes a whole lot of effort and not all the regions will want to take up that responsibility.

“They can come up with other practicable measures. I suggest they leave security matters in the hands of the government.” -Iseyemi Elizabeth Modupe, Student.

“The establishment of Amotekun is a good one by Southwest governors. Level of insecurity in Nigeria is high – from Boko Haram to bandits, kidnappers and herdsman.

“If the police cannot protect the people then it is not a bad idea if the various regions decide to protect themselves.” -Stephen Obawe, Student.

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