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February 27, 2020

[ICYMI] People Talk: N35m Camry 2020 model for NASS (3)

[ICYMI] People Talk: N35m Camry 2020 model for NASS (3)

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“We are really funny in this country. Despite the unpleasant living conditions of most Nigerians, insecurity amidst other urgent issues that need to be attended to, what our NASS members could clamour for is Camry 2020 model, what a joke! Despite the gigantic salary they get, in my opinion, these people should be dismissed.

“They obviously don’t know what they are there for.” -Adebayo Muheez, Content creator

“Buying new cars for members is not wrong if only the cost would be deducted from their allowances but of course, we all know that won’t be the case.

“If the billions of naira used in securing super expensive luxurious cars and SUVs for NASS members since 2012 had been used to better the economy and security, then Nigeria would have been one of the best in the world.” -Sinabio Abraham, Analyst

“This isn’t in any way new to Nigerians, the honourable members would argue they need mobility and it’s an entitlement. However, it’s important NASS begins to reconsider the way they allocate funds for personal benefit.

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“The state of our economy doesn’t deserve to incur more liabilities. Sadly, it’s a tradition that has come to stay. ” -Jude Oseh, Youth Advocate

“This is a way of laundering money. Some members of the NASS are returning and I see no need for you to get them a car and it’s not even ideal because the nation isn’t financially buoyant.

“Even if they want to, they should take a cheaper one that wouldn’t disturb the nation’s finances.” -Afolayan Toyosi, Entrepreneur

“Personally, I think it is an illegality and everyone with a good heart should condemn it. So this National Assembly can back President Buhari on border closure but not importation of cars?

“Rice is contraband but car is not. This brings us to the level of competency of this NASS members ” -Owoso Tomiwa, Businessman

“This APC government promised to deliver economic growth to Nigerians. This same party produced majority of the NASS members, including the Senate president.

“So how do they intend to deliver economic growth when they are not patronizing our local products? I’ll say that the legislature is not ready for our economic development. Buying N35m car for 109 senators from a company with no production factory in Nigeria is nothing but wickedness and cluelessness.” -Olamide Abbas, Youth Leader

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