February 13, 2020

Ali Modu Sheriff, Adamu Adamu endorses Ned Nwoko’s Malaria Eradication Project

Ned Nwoko
From Left: Prince Ned Nwoko; Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu and Senator Ali Modu Sheriff

Former governor of Borno State Ali Modu Sheriff and Minister of Education have endorsed the Malaria Eradication Project of Prince Ned Nwoko after a meeting.

Ned Nwoko met with the Honorable Minister of Education Hon. Adamu Adamu and Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff on the Malaria Eradication Project, and the minister assured Prince Ned of total support from the Ministry of Education and also advised that the Ministry of Women Affairs be included in the plan as women suffer most from the burden of malaria especially when pregnant.

Also on the Environmental Clean Up and Sanitation angle of the project, the Minister advised for the inclusion of the Ministry of Water Resources.

Ned Nwoko had earlier disclosed that the inspiration behind the project was the desire to flush out malaria and the determination to serve humanity and to save lives.

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He said, “It’s born out of humanity, the realization that nothing has been done in these areas that is an ongoing crisis in the health sector. If we have over five hundred thousand people dying every year according to the United Nations statistics, it is a huge number and nothing is being done about it or nothing seems to be on the pipeline that I am aware of. I’m trying to research to find out.

“For two years I have been researching trying to find out but my conclusion was that this is not a White man’s problem, it is our problem just like sickle-cell and sickle-cell is also part of the offshoot of malaria – long time malaria crisis is what lead to sickle-cell anaemia.

“If it is not a White man’s problem, this explains why they have not bothered to pay attention to finding a cure by way of a vaccine. A vaccine is an ultimate solution and I felt that we have to look for a solution from within Africa, from among ourselves and I know I can start it and I believe others will join as I go along.”

Asked how soon it would take for the commencement of the project, he said, “We have started, my going to Antarctica was part of the process. Are you not in this world? We have started, I went to Antarctica and met with some scientists with the company involved in the air fumigation and also advising on the best form of insecticides to use because they’ve done it before in Florida and in Malaysia.

“They also told me that they have done in some of the Caribbean Islands where there were mosquitoes before but no more. So we have a solution, it’s just a question of planning and implementing it.”