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January 11, 2020

Police officer with POS machine, stops vehicle, demands ATM card from Nigerians

Lagos CP refunds N500,000 extorted from Lagosian, arrests 4 officers

By Nwafor Sunday

Video of a police officer with Point of Sale machine, POS, demanding Automated Teller Machine, ATM, card from Nigerians to allegedly transfer money to his account has emerged.

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In the video, one of the passengers was heard telling the officer whose name is yet to be known, to take it easy with his ATM to avoid damaging it.

Another passenger was equally heard insisting that he would never hand over his ATM to the officer. The man who can best be described as one who knows his right, argued that he has not seen a police officer in Nigeria demanding ATM card from civilians.

Though he spoke in pidgin, but his words, were properly understood. His words, “I will not give you my ATM. “There is nothing on earth that would make me hand it over to you. “I haven’t seen a police officer demanding ATM from people.”

Peeved by this action, the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, Friday asked Nigerians to assist in the investigation that could help in unraveling the authenticity of the video.

His words, “The Nigerian Police has commenced investigations to unravel the authenticity of the video, location of incident and identity of persons captured in the viral video where some persons in Police uniform were captured, allegedly with POS machine and demanding ATM card.

“The IGP condemns all acts of corruption by Public Servants, particularly Police officers and is committed to bringing to book any officer found wanting in this regard.

“Members of the public with relevant information that could assist Police investigators are enjoined to kindly DM Nigerian Police or furnish same via any of our confidential channels e.g [email protected].

Meanwhile, Nigerians have reported severally the abuse of power, corruption and other misdemeanors carried out by some of the Nigerian police officers.

Cases of officers assaulting and maltreating civilians had made headlines virtually in all the major newspapers in the country.

Some have been videoed, snapshotted and filmed while collecting bribes (N50, 100, 500), from motorists.

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Nigerians are patiently waiting to see the action of IGP in curbing corruption in the Nigerian police force.