Africa’s e-commerce giant seeks more cooperation from ChinaBy Prince Osuagwu

e-Commerce platform, Jumia, has created an advertising space on its site, allowing brands and corporate organisations to showcase their goods and services as advertisements.

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The company’s Head of Growth and Partnerships, Olusegun Martins said the development was necessary because of the authenticity, reach and acceptability of the platform. He said: “Our platform is one of the most visited in Nigeria and Africa. We are in 12 countries of Africa, and in each country, we serve consumers absolutely everywhere. We are much more than e-commerce, we have hotels, flights, restaurants, classifieds portals, and many more platforms, which give us even more data and more ability to target the right audience for brands looking to reach a wider and more targeted audience.”

In 2018, page views on the Jumia website reached over 700 million, but now averaging over 90 million views per month.

As a result, Martins prided his company with bespoke solutions for various needs, which can help brands build awareness, consideration, engagement, sales, and even multiple products to tap into.

He added that Jumia can segment users in a very unique way based on their real shopping interest at the most granular level, to help brands target users geographically in the most effective way.

The confidence of the company in meeting the target, according to Martins, is that it has run very successful campaigns in multiple countries and therefore advertisers who choose Jumia can decide to allocate recurring budgets to the platform.

Martins also disclosed that Jumia digital advertising platform is growing very fast, attracting more users every day, who use the platform either as a source for research, inspiration and/or shopping.

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Jumia said it has already established a close working relationship with a few strategic agencies who have indicated long term interests in partnering with the company over the new advertising platform.



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