December 8, 2019

Four things to do when one swallows poison

Four things to do when one swallows poison

By David O Royal

An award-winning Medical Doctor, Bobby Egemba popular known as Aproko Doctor on Twitter has suggested a few ways one can prevent further harms on the body system when a person swallows poison.

Often times, people swallow poisons or eat poisonous foods unknowingly which results in serious body harm and most times leads to death if nothing is done immediately for prevention.

Family Doctor explains poison as “any substance that is harmful to your body”.

Many different types of poison exist. Poisonous substances can be products you have in your house. Medicines that aren’t taken as directed can be harmful. There are several ways you can be exposed to poison.

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You could breathe it in, swallow it, or absorb it through your skin. Poisoning can be an accident or a planned action.

The Aproko Doctor on his Twitter post gave the following preventive measures

  • Keep a sample of what the person has taken even if the bottle is empty


  • If the poison burns or is corrosive, and person is AWAKE and conscious, give a SMALL amount of milk


  • Rush the person to the nearest hospital


  • Lie them on their side so they don’t vomit into their lungs

The doctor further explained, “If someone around you swallows a poison, DON’T MAKE THEM VOMIT Doing this can; damage the tissues in your throat and mouth Cause dehydration Cause further harm caused by a mix of poison and stomach acid Cause aspiration, or getting the poison into the lungs”.

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