December 29, 2019

CJN’s call for Sharia: NCGF demands NJC’s sanction

Tanko Muhammad, Buhari, CJN

CJN Tanko Muhammad

CJN Tanko Muhammad

By Sam Eyoboka

THE Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship is saddened by the recent call by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Mr. Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed that the constitutional provisions in favour of Islam and Sharia should be expanded.

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The Christian Graduate Fellowship described the call as hate speech and called on the National Judicial Council, NJC, to apply appropriate sanctions against the CJN including his immediate removal as demanded by the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN.

In a statement jointly signed by the National President, Prof. Charles Adeyinka Adisa and his General Secretary, Mr Onyenachi Nwaegeruo, the NCGF said: “We would not have any reason to join issues with Mr. Mohammed had he spoken as an ordinary citizen with bias to a particular religion.

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“That would have passed as his fundamental right to express his opinion on any matter of his interest. But for the fact that he spoke having been invited to the forum in his official capacity as the CJN  and head of an important arm of the government saddled with the responsibility of adjudicating over matters arising from the Constitution and doing justice to all and sundry without fear or favour.

“Secondly, the fact that he boasted in his speech, ‘we have the number in the National Assembly to cause the change’ shows the highest act of irresponsibility to his high office,” the group argued.

According to the Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship, Mr. Mohammed does not know that the office he occupies demands that his personal religious interest should not be expressed in such a manner as to create doubt in the minds of ordinary citizens that should a matter with religious tinge comes to his court he is likely to exercise his discretion in favour of his faith.

“This is a clear violation of his sworn oaths of office and allegiance to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a pluralistic State with multi-ethnic and multi-religious biases.

“To the extent of his indiscretion and impudence in promoting one religion above others, we believe that the leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is right in her call to the CJN to resign.

“On our part we, not only agree with CAN, we also call on the National Judicial Council to apply appropriate sanctions against the CJN.

“Mr. Mohammed may perhaps go and head the national mosque or become the grand khadi. Those are the places he belong and they are appropriate platforms he can use to further his ambition of islamization, but to use the reverred office of the CJN to promote his bigotry is unacceptable to us,” the group further canvassed.

Continuing, the group argued that if the CJN has nothing useful to offer the Judiciary except drag her to sectarian terrain, “Mr. Mohammed may as well metamorphose into a full time politician and go into National Assembly and employ his bigotic prowess in convincing his likes on his life ambition of using the Constitution to accomplish Islamic conquest of the nation.

“But to hide under the Judiciary and use it as a platform to accomplish his nefarious ambition we consider as a desecration of the hallowed office that should be resisted.

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“We note that Mr. Mohammed has confirmed the information in the public domain that he has nothing to do with civil law and jurisprudence upon which our Constitution is framed, but that he has been in all his career and training an Islamic law and jurisprudence,” the group further argued.