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November 17, 2019

Latest on Lagos killer gang in Satellite town

Latest on Lagos killer gang in Satellite town

•Yusuf Olarinde

•Hostels where the thugs live

…More deadly attacks recorded

…Victims get more threats

…Gang mop up Vanguard publication

…Security operatives conduct discreet investigation

…Govt seeks status of Oba from LG

By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor

Just like a whirlwind, the killer gang alleged to be terrorizing Satellite area, a suburb of Lagos state and environs seems to have intensified efforts at their deadly trade.

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They have continued with their onslaught and attacks against hapless and helpless people especially truck and tanker drivers that come their way.  Yet, police authorities are not disposed to check their excesses.

Crime Guard investigations revealed that barely two days after their alleged terrorist activities were exposed, the thugs attacked a driver for refusing to pay the illegal fees they impose on thousands of truck and tanker drivers that ply the area.  They reportedly descended on the middle aged man with dangerous weapons and succeeded in inflicting injuries all over his body. As at press time, the severely wounded driver is still under intensive medical care in an undisclosed hospital in Lagos preparatory to being evacuated secretly out of Lagos following continued open threats by the hoodlums to eliminate him if found in any hospital in the state.

Reactions from exposure

This is just as last week exposure by Crime Guard of the deadly activities of the terror gang elicited spontaneous reactions and response from both the residents of the area, victims and the accused members of the gang.  While many residents of the suburb and victims went haywire in uproarious jubilation praying that the exposure would bring succor to them and quick intervention of security agencies especially the police, members of the gang remained undaunted. Reports from the area indicated that they vowed to be resolutely more dogged in their nefarious exploits and atrocious activities with open threats to deal ruthlessly with attempt by anybody to upset the prevailing situation in the area.

•Destoryed warehouse

Mop up Vanguard publication

They kick started their threat by swooping on vendors selling copies of Saturday Vanguard, last weekend, in their area and discreetly succeeded in removing the center spread where a publication of their atrocities were prominently featured.   In fact, many readers in the area were grossly disappointed after buying copies of the newspaper only to see that the center spread was removed.  Some of the readers intimated Crime Guard that as soon as they noticed the anomaly, they suspected conspiracy on the part of the vendors and accosted them but they denied it and rather claimed that the mistake must be from the source.  ”However, when we moved into Festac and other places, we saw the missing pages 24-25 showing that the action must have been either by threat or conspiracy that they removed the pages in order to deny people the opportunity of reading their atrocious acts,” a reader stated.

Security agents swing into action

Meanwhile, reliable sources in the area intimated that some security agents have swung into action following the exposure and have been carrying out serious investigations into the allegations made against the killer gang.  In fact, Crime Guard gathered that they have visited both the Local government to interview some officials and Oguntade village, to talk with some victims including lawyers handling series of cases involving members of the family alleged to be masterminds of terror in the area. It was also learned that the security agents who claimed to be acting on orders from Abuja would liaise with the police with a view to ascertaining the true position of things in the area.

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LG security chief reacts

The Chief Security Officer, Oriade Local government Area, Mr. Olu Oluwole when called on phone told Crime Guard: “The activities of the man that claims to be the Oba of the area are very unfortunate. In fact, he is a notorious person. We have written to the state government about his notoriety, even on my table now, we have petitions but just because my boss is not around, we cannot take action.

“We are supposed to reply Satellite police station that requested we confirm the status of the Oba but we know he is not an Oba. He is the one instigating his children to cause problem in the area.  He is just an ordinary citizen but claiming Obaship. Nobody enthroned him. He is running a killer squad in that place, doing as he likes. We will write to all those concerned to intimate them that he is not an Oba. We have had series of meetings about him with even the council of Obas in the Local government and the minutes are with me.

•Wounded driver

“We all recognized that he is not an Oba but he is just running a killer squad in the area. The police have tried to call him to order without success.  They have been coming to arrest his boys without success. Even few months back, the so called Oba was in detention at Zone 2, Onikan Lagos but he was released later. You know our society, each time he was arrested; he would always find his way out. He is now not supposed to be walking freely at all.

Confirms attack on LG

“Last year, his boys attacked the local government with armed thugs and wounded some people because we went there to collect tolls but they fought our people. People are maintaining their distance from him because he has a killer squad and with that, he is having a field day doing whatever he likes to the people in the community.   We reported to the police but nothing was done about it.  What I think should be done is that the authorities should use the task force to raid the place. My advice to residents of the area is to re-assure them that government is on top of the matter and is poised to not only secure the place but, make the man accountable for his atrocities so far.”

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Victims shy away from open comments

Concerted efforts made to speak with the Bale of Ogunbiade village failed as his aids claimed he was not disposed to speak on the issue when Crime Guard visited the village.  However, the lawyer to one of the victims whose mother reportedly died after seeing the injuries inflicted on him by the thugs said; “To be frank, after reading the publication, last Saturday, I find it very hard to add anything for now because your extensive reports suffice for now, it was investigative journalism of the highest order.  Tarry a little time please, lest I over flog issues over and over again.  However, if the police command headquarters fails to do something, I will add something, perhaps, detailing litany of letters and petitions addressed to high police officers and the Governor himself since the inception of the heinous crime against my client and his property.”

Oba’s family reacts

Recall that when interviewed, one of the sons of the Oba fingered in the alleged atrocities being perpetrated in the area, Yusuf Olarinde told Crime Guard that many people were fighting his family in the area over land.  According to him, the cases are in court and until court decides, then we will know who owns the land.

•Yusuf Olarinde

“Most of these people are going against court orders, carrying on development while the cases have not yet been decided.  Some of these people claiming they were attacked are meddling into our lands by force.  If anybody should claim the land belongs to him, he should go to court instead of using security agents to intimidate us.”