October 15, 2019

Group establishes tree seedlings nursery to counter climate change

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A climate outreach, Urban Tree Revival Team (UTRT), says its newly established tree seedlings nursery in Lagos will boost efforts toward mitigating climate change.

The UTRT Convener, Ms. Omobola Eko, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos that the idea was to replant the most indigenous endangered species.

NAN reports that UTRT is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) inclined to making the environment safe for human habitation through tree planting in cities.

Eko, also the Chief Executive Officer of GRO Gardens and Tree Nursery, said the nursery would afford city dwellers the opportunity to participate in the urban renewal agenda of the state.

She said “climate change prevention is the new world order that supersedes every other policy in the world today because the environment plays host to every other human activity without which everything comes to nothing.

“The seedlings outfit is pivotal to the scheme for it makes available to people plants that produce a fragrance that detoxifies the air and provides food.

“The seedling outfit also serves as medication to humans and act as a buffer to ecological mishaps.”

According to her, the tree planting campaign is being spearheaded by the Lagos State Government.

Eko noted that groups like UTRT encourage people to be on the same page with the scheme by coming to the outreach to get the needed seedlings to plant and check the climate crisis.

“We do not just want to plant trees for the fun of it but we are craving to involve everyone in planting trees that will aid the sustainability of life in the country.

“To encourage and advocate for tree planting projects by private individuals, corporate bodies, government, and non-governmental organisations in Nigeria.

“To recover farmlands thus encouraging high food production and to set up a relaxation and recreation centre for tourists around the world.”

She condemned the unwholesome practice of felling trees without replacement, stressing that had depleted both the ozone layer and the ecosystem.