By Funmi Komolafe

In the next couple of days, we should be moving to the end of September, while many are singing new songs of joy, others are waiting to celebrate and be celebrated.

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Life is a mixed bag of ups and downs but as Christians we have a redeemer in our Lord Jesus   and we are confident that because He lives, we shall overcome.

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As human beings we are sometimes confronted with challenges that are beyond our capacity to resolve.  These challenges are either physical or spiritual. At other times, a combination of both.

Some are opportunities missed, others opportunities that never came our way.

The good news for us as Christians is that we can recover all.

I don’t know what you may have lost in the course of the year but with God on your side, you shall recover all.

For someone in business, who has had to contend with low patronage, such a person is not likely to record any boom.  Indeed, she may be recording losses.

For a young graduate whose school mates have secured good jobs but he still goes about seeking a job, that person is likely to have sense of loss.

For the woman who has not been able to raise her biological marriage, she is likely to have a sense of loss. Especially when she is in the company of her friends who got married about the same time and has raised children.

Or the case of a woman that gets pregnant but has been unable to carry her baby in her hands as a result of continuous miscarriages or still  birth.

The point here is that we sometimes have a sense of loss not just for what we posses and lost but also those things that we desire to have but have not been able to obtain.

Whatever it is that we are going through, we must always bear in mind that the level of our faith is a factor that keeps us going.   Hardly will a person whose faith level is high contemplate suicide as a solution to any challenge.

Truly, there are situations in life that could make one wonder if indeed God answers prayers.

Indeed God answers prayers but faith is crucial.

A person who decides to abstain from  church  activities or any gathering of fellow Christians may be dropping in his or her level of faith.

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The Holy Bible tells us in Romans 10 vs. 17 ( GNB)  “ So then, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message comes through preaching Christ”.

For those who have faith in God, any loss is seen as temporary because they have faith that they can recover.

Once we are still alive, we can recover. It is only the dead that cannot recover.

A good example of someone who lost all but never lost his faith is Job

Job 1 vs. 13- 22  tells us how Job lost his children, his wealth, property etc.

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See how Job reacted in verses 20-22 ( Good News Bible) “ Then Job stood up and tore his clothes  in grief.  He shaved his head and threw  himself downwards on the ground. He said, I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing.  The Lord gave , and now he has taken away.  May his name be praised.  In spite of everything that had happened, Job did not sin by blaming God”.

Brethren, how many  of us  can behave like Job?  Do you not say to yourself, that you have nothing to do with Christianity because of your inability to achieve your goals ?  Did you also note that Job refused to blame God as many of us do today?,

Whereas, Job who owned the  children, property and other things didn’t blame God, the reaction of his wife was different. Job 2 vs. 9 (GNB) “ His wife said  to him , “ You are still as faithful as ever, aren’t you? Why don’t you curse God and die?”.

Many of us today have the attitude of Job’s wife , which is that of low level or faith or lack of faith.

This is one reason why we must be careful with  the kind of advice we adhere to when we are faced with challenges.

When we are overwhelmed with  challenges, it takes the grace of God to remain faithful .

Verse 10 of the same chapter tells us how Job reacted to his wife’s suggestion. “ Job answered, “ You are talking nonsense!  When God sends us something good, we welcome it .   How can we complain when he sends  us trouble?. In spite of everything he suffered, Job said nothing against God”.

With Job’s response,  it is clear that he didn’t know that what befell him was not from God but he kept his faith by saying nothing against God.

In  the same way,  many of the challenges we experience today are not from God. They are mainly from human beings   who are in alliance with demonic forces.

After all that Job went through, God rose for him.

For someone reading this column today, God will arise for you in the name of Jesus.

Job 42 vs. 12 & 13 (GNB) “ The LORD blessed the last part of Job’s life even more than he had blessed the first.  Job owned 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 2.000 head of cattle, and 1,000 donkeys.  He was the father of seven sons and three daughters “.

That was not all, it was stated in verses 16 &17  “ Job lived 140 years  after this, long enough to see his grandchildren and great- grand children. And then he died at a very great age”.

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Brethren, the Holy Bible gives many of such examples. The key message here is that we should never give up on the Almighty God.

I’ll share with you the story of two young ladies who got married about the same time. One was fruitful immediately but the other waited on Lord for years.   The one who started bearing early had three children but once the Lord opened the womb of the one who was waiting, she had a set of twins twice. She had more children than her friend who didn’t have to wait.

We must also remember like Job did that we came  into the world with nothing and will depart with nothing including children.

This is the reason why we must not use  any method especially the ones that are not in line with the word of God to seek solutions to our challenges.

As we move into the last three months of the year, let’s intensify our cries to God for his mercy so that we end this year better than we started it.

Our God is able to deliver  us from all challenges; physical or spiritual.

We have a duty to remain strong in faith .  Whatever you may be going through, please don’t stop going to a church where the word of God is truly being preached.

The word of God is enough to change  that unpleasant situation. Trust God, worship him, serve him, give him thanks and  you will see the hand of the Almighty God in your life.

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At this time, let’s spare some time to pray for our country Nigeria as we mark our 59th independence anniversary on October 1st.

May the Lord have mercy on us all.

Peace of the Lord be with us all in Jesus name.  Amen.


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