By Janet Adetu

If you have a flair for fashion, you consider yourself as trendy and you like to be adventurous, then an invitation to a fashion show would excite you. Personally I am always fascinated by new creations, willing enough to try new designs and bold enough to flaunt them. I remember the very first fashion runway I attended, it was one organised by my own association. You would think that there is nothing to it just men and women coming out one by one to show case something new and trendy. Little did I know that a lot of coordination skills, timing, pacing, rhythm and so much more goes into a successful fashion show with the perks of a standard runway.

What makes up a good fashion show?

This fashion runway in question involved a great collection of African designs across the nation, for elegant, dainty, stylish and everyday outfits. It did not stop there we had a whole fashion runway for jewellery, it was fabulous. Some models got their steps right others stole the show while for other models it was the first time for them so nerves and anxiety got the best of them. Now sitting on the other side as an observer what are your goals or objectives when you attend a fashion show?

  1. Are you there to have a fun time looking at the latest trends?
  2. Are you there to support a designer you know?

Iii. Are you there to seek the opportunity of buying some of the clothes?

  1. Are you one to take loads of pictures for your personal gallery?

Recently there was a big fashion show held that showcased beautiful wears from seasoned old and upcoming fashion designers. It was the place to see what the season had to offer. However, as I saw the long queue to enter the show I could already see quite a few etiquette breaches. Let’s look at the etiquette of fashion runways so that you go prepared to your next or first fashion show.

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Fashion Runway Protocol to address: Invited or Not

You may attend an event that includes a fashion runway as part of the event highlight. It may be that you have been given special access tickets or invite for an upcoming fashion runway or that you applied online to be part of a fashion show guest. As the event host it is important you ensure that tickets are accessible a day or two or much longer before the show. Allow your guest to be prepared ahead of time, regarding venue, seating and runway logistics. I once was offered a fashion runway invitation but was asked to join a long queue just to receive my ticket. I was totally discouraged so I decided to avoid that ordeal and forfeit the show. Most fashion runways if well planned and coordinated will always insist that you show your invite upon entry, so avoid going if without a proper invite.

Dress Appropriately

We know it is a fashion show so there is a tendency to want to express your own fashion sense by being more elaborate in choice of clothes. Ensure you are comfortable first; as some fashion show can drag on for long. Depending on the seating arrangement, you may be positioned in a compromising seating place, it is important to wear that outfit that caters for all sorts of seating arrangement. Be aware that others are sitting behind you, so avoid wearing anything on your head that can block the view of others.

Sitting Well

To sit well is all about what you are wearing then having good sitting savvy skills. You will need to be very conscious of how you sit most especially if you are in the front row. Something long or trousers at times works to avoid the possibility of sabotaging your image.

Made for you or the Runway

The runway gives the opportunity to experience the creative art of many designers; the idea of the runway is to appreciate their work. Avoid criticisms or negative opinions or blurting out rude remarks if you see something that does not tickle your fancy. Some clothes are not made for you but strictly for the runway. You may not have that physique or the body to pull it off but appear more encouraging than un-encouraging. Again remember that runway pricing also creeps in plus creative designs that clearly cannot be worn off the runway. They were made for the modelling of that day.

Click Click

There will always be an army of photographers; at any fashion runway. The paparazzi are not just taking pictures of those on the runway but of you in the audience too. Be on your guard, be in control, do not be found wanting. Your conduct, behaviour, attitude and character are all on watching at such public place.

Personal Belongings.

Wow! A fashion runway will have people from all works of life. The bigger your bag the greater the attraction you will create for yourself. Your personal prized possessions must be held close and even closer to you. Reduce what you take to a fashion runway; especially where you know it is not needed. You will be accountable for everything you bring there so watch you glasses, your phone, your bag and all.

Your Phone in Order

All phones on silent, vibration or off while you are at a fashion runway. This can create backlash from others, being a nuisance if repeated and disturbance to those who follow the rules and regulations. Needless to say follow all instructions when you attend a fashion show have fun at the same time.

Chatting or Watching

Finally are you too busy chatting away at the fashion show runway while all the activities or are you concentrating on the highlights of the runway?

The fashion runway is not the time or the place to have a conversation unless you are in a breakout session for networking. While the show is going on try to avoid distracting others with your back chatting, this is a place to respect yourself and others around too.

Good luck share your experience.



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