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YOUNG entrepreneurs  could overcome the challenges of starting and building their small businesses by diligent working on simple and creative ideas.

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women, entrepreneurs

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Speaking to Financial Vanguard, weekend, on entrepreneurship development issues amongst young Nigerians, managing director of Sweetkiwi, Nigeria’s rising international yoghurt brand, Ehime Eigbe, said that even if the total vision is not fully in place, a gradual execution of business ideas could yield massive success with time, going by her experience.

She stated: ”The truth is that in entrepreneurship and business development it is one step at a time, you cannot envision all these things at once. You can think, Oh! I want to do this, those are dreams that you have for the business but as long as you just keep working on it there would be good results.”

She explained that the entrepreneur could even get more valuable ideas from the engagement with the customers he never thought of, saying, ”sometimes customers would give you your best ideas and that was how we continued doing the event catering and that was what helped us to afford  the current location we are in now. You know, sometimes starting at the peak of the idea is not always the best. Find little ways in which you can start to build little by little and you would still get to the destination.”

Further narrating her experience which took the business from home to the high-brow large Lekki, Lagos location and now in Washington DC, United States of America, Eigbe stated:  ”We were always boot strapping, get a little money from clients to do some things, we were renting machines all the time from different people before we could even afford our own machine. We were just doing what we could with what we had.

”I always tell people before you start looking for funding or anyone who is going to give you money do what you can with what you have first. That was what we did, we did what we could do with what we had and then people started seeing the potentials a bit more. People will start to say okay they are trying they have done something even when they did not have anything and they will start to trust you a bit more.”

According to her, ”Sometimes, it is just about getting people to buy into your vision. Not everyone is going to be a hard person. You know, we often think Nigerians are not nice, they do not like to help people. But that is not true some people are nice.”




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