…Astronaut Anne McClain was accused of accessing her estranged wife Summer Worden’s bank account while she was in space

…Worden filed an identity theft complaint with the FTC against McClain

…Her parents also filed a complaint with NASA’s Inspector General

…McClain said that she was just checking up on Worden’s finances

NASA  is looking into claims that an astronaut accessed her estranged wife’s bank account from space during a six-month stint on the International Space Station. 

Decorated astronaut and  US Army lieutenant colonel Anne McClain has been accused of improperly gaining access to Summer Worden’s online bank account using NASA computers, the New York Times reported.

McClain allegedly accessed the bank account as part of a ‘highly calculated and manipulated campaign’ to obtain custody of Worden’s son, who she had given birth to about a year before the couple got married.

Worden, a former Air Force intelligence officer, brought a complaint against McClain with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming that McClain had committed identity theft, even though none of Worden’s funds had been tampered with.

She told the Times that she discovered McClain’s actions after becoming curious about how McClain knew details about the way she’d been spending her money, even though they were separated and McClain was orbiting the earth.

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Worden’s parents went a step further, filing a complaint against McClain with NASA’s Office of Inspector General, alleging identity theft and improper access to Worden’s private financial records.

Last week, McClain, who is back on terra firma, sat down for an under-oath interview with the inspector general, during which she was said to have admitted that she did access Worden’s banking information.

However, McClain apparently claimed that she was just doing something she had always done while she and Worden were still a couple – checking in on Worden’s finances to make sure that there was enough money to support Worden’s child, who they had been raising together.

McClain claimed that she was using the same password that she had always used during their relationship and that she had not been told to stop accessing Worden’s bank account.

McClain and Worden married in 2014, with Worden filing for divorce in 2018 after McClain accused her of assault, a claim which Worden denies and said was part of McClain’s efforts at gaining custody of her son. The assault case was eventually dismissed.

Worden had previously denied McClain’s attempts to adopt the boy even after they’d gotten married.

In Worden’s parents’ complaint, they said that McClain’s actions were part of a ‘highly calculated and manipulative campaign’ to obtain custody of Worden’s son, who she had given birth to about a year before the couple got married.

McClain’s lawyer told the Times that McClain ‘she strenuously denies that she did anything improper’ and cooperating with the investigation.

Worden told the New York Times that the FTC had not yet responded to her identity theft claims, but that investigators were accessing her family’s complaint to NASA.

NASA officials declined to comment on its Office of the Inspector General’s actions regarding the claims against McClain. (Mailonline)



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