By Janet Adetu

i. Identify Your Positive & Negative Qualities:

Conduct an in-depth appraisal of yourself finding facts and not faults. This will help you form a basis for improvements. Emphasize more on your positives and do not dwell on your inadequacies. Include in your list those things that matter most to you, make them your priority. Identifying your positive traits will help you stay focused and assist in increasing your productivity both personally and professionally.

  1. Be Goal-Oriented and Forward Thinking

Working endlessly without a goal can be futile. To be productive you need direction that is time-bound and achievable. When setting your goals, you should visualize your success with a positive attitude. Your passion for your vision will drive your productivity up and set you on the right path. Along the way be open to possible changes, a few risks but always believe you can do it.

iii. Associate with Positive People

It goes without saying that when you surround yourself with negative people chances are, they will put your ideas down or discourage your efforts. This, in turn, will demoralize you and sabotage your self-esteem. An optimistic boss will always encourage his / her subordinates. Surround yourself with people who you find encourage, inspire and motivate you. This will boost your energy, spur you to increase your knowledge base and discipline you towards ensuring that you achieve that which you have set out to achieve. Positive leaders bring a positive attitude.

  1. Polish yourself Image

Your image is everything, the beginning of you creating a good or bad first impression. A successful person has a deep sense of self -worth and a good self –image. Having a good self- image is the foundation from which you’re self – esteem, self – confidence and attitude arise from. When you polish your image you say a lot about yourself without saying a single word. When you feel good about yourself you are confident to excel in any project or mission. Dress the way you would like to be addressed. Be sensitive and pay attention to detail when choosing what to wear daily. Dress appropriately recognizing the occasion, day of the week, time of day. Ensure your clothes fit properly, accentuate your body and feel comfortable.    The easiest way to sabotage your image is to look unkept, give off an overwhelming odour and appear unapproachable.  Identify a smell you like and are comfortable with, take care of your hair, nails, face and feet regularly.  Creating, establishing and maintaining relationships is key to maximizing productivity.

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  1. Be a Team Player

‘No man is an island’ – is a popular saying that could not be further from the truth.

Just like I explained about my colleague who was busy doing nothing, this is because he operated alone. He was never a team player so became quite anti-social and inefficient. In being a team player, you are able tap from a wider pool of knowledge. You, therefore, gain more and can direct your level of productivity positively. A team player should equally share information, be open to opinions, constructive criticism, new ideas and advice. When you work in a team you work in common agreement towards a common goal. As a team your achievements are greater, provided you are able to get everybody to follow the vision, accomplish their individual and collective tasks and motivated to achieve. With all these in check as you increase your productivity, you will automatically increase that of the team.

  1. Be Social & Business Savvy

Having ‘Savoir Faire’ meaning ‘know-how’ is essential today to become a successful leader. Your poise, polish, positioning and presence is what will give you that Panache advantage. It is important that you acquaint yourself with the proper protocol and procedures for behaving and doing the right thing in every situation. Whether you are in a social or business setting there are some behaviours expected of you that command respect, consideration and dignity. When you conduct yourself in the appropriate manner you will appear trustworthy and approachable, people will like to associate with you and know you better. Etiquette and protocol affect your personal as well as your corporate image as courtesy is expensive but costs nothing. Proper etiquette should be exhibited in the workplace, board room, among colleagues, in a gathering, during casual and formal dining events, social scenarios and the like. Knowledge is power if you do not know these attributes feel free to seek new knowledge.

vii.  Adopt a Leadership Mindset

To be a leader involves being bold, courageous, disciplined and confident. Your leadership style has a lot to do with your character, personality and life experiences which can be both positive and negative. To be productive you need to first believe in what you do thereby leading yourself to success. In having the spirit of a leader, you want everything around you to be successful therefore you carry everyone along to follow your dream.  In adopting a leadership mindset, you will need to show professional presence, this you can do by acting like a mentor, showing respect, motivating others, managing stress, managing time, maintaining ethics and values, building effective teams and relationships.

viii.  Have an Attitude of Gratitude

Your productivity level is influenced by many factors whether it is to satisfy a need, avoid a loss or gain something you are driven by what motivates you. Being appreciative of your gradual achievements will push you in your pursuit of excellence. Whether you work for yourself, a good or bad boss how you are motivated will also influence your priorities and productivity. Your reasons may be psychological for comfort, egocentric for status, emotional for respect, power for control, personal growth for satisfaction and confidence, or for the challenge to be competitive. Your attitude and demeanour should be one of gratitude, as this will keep you thinking positively. Pessimism will only draw you backwards and kill your vision.



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