•Reveals how gang snatched vehicle from Uber operator, gave it out for Uber

By Evelyn Usman

From his   lanky body shape to   his calm looks coupled with a soft spoken voice that would command any listening ear,   nothing, would give 21-year-old Bolanle Olamide , out as a member of a notorious   robbery gang that has been terrorizing Ajah and its environs for years.

•Uber Victims ( Bolanle Olamide (r) and Musa Akeem

But he was arrested   alongside a suspected member of his gang, Musa Akeem , by operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS , with the recovery of a   2017 model   Toyota Corrolla ,with plate number AKD 385 FR which was snatched at gun point from its owner, around Abijo estate , Lekki-Ajah, three weeks ago.

In this interview with Crime Guard, Olamide, revealed that he   joined the gang   at the age of 19, while his mates elsewhere had   either graduated from the university or were at the verge of rounding up.

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He gave a blow-by-blow account of how he started and progressed to where he is today and the gang’s modus oparandi.

Do you always alight from your car   when hit from behind, or stop to challenge any motorist who attempts   to hit you? Then , the confession of this suspect should be a warning to you as you could be risking your life with robbers who are either on their way for an operation , or looking for your type of car to rob.

From   bus conductor to ‘one chance’ robbery

The Edo State- born suspect   who is the fifth child in seven children, said he dropped out from primary school , owing to the death of his father, at the age of 10.

Thereafter, he said, he began to work   with one Godwin , a member of the gang , as a bus conductor, while he( Godwin)   was the driver. During that period, he said he made between N2,000 and N3,000, depending on   the number of trips made per day.

He said he was introduced to a   new phase   of life   after the bus owner withdrew it from Godwin, owing to the ceaseless complaints of arrests by security agents.

Hear him: “ After staying at home for some days without food, one of Godwin’s friends gave him a gun He asked him to use it to rob people and   Godwin invited me to join him . We   started     going out for operations in 2017, while I was 19 . We started with keke   Marwa and we operated along Ajah expressway.

Modus Oparandi

“We would board  keke marwa, one of us would sit with the driver in front while the other would sit behind with two other genuine passengers. On getting close to our destination, Godwin would point the   gun at the operator and order him to stop. We would collect his phone and the   money he   realized for that day. We would also collect from   the passengers before alighting . At the end of each operation, I got between N6,000 and N10,0000. As for the stolen phones, we sold some and kept some for personal use.   He said that they did that for a while and decided to progress into another method of robbery .This time around, their target were Uber operators.

Attack on Uber drivers

According to him, “ Godwin said we should start collecting vehicles from motorists so as to have more money.     Our targets   were Uber drivers. The first day, we collected a Toyota Corrolla. We intended to sell it but we did not get any buyer. We had   to abandon it at the middle of the road.

We   operated along Ajah and Eleko .   We   would pose as passengers and order for Uber. Mid way into the journey , we would point a gun at the driver and order him to get out of the car after collecting his phones and cash.

Since we started, we had collected nothing less than eight cars from Uber drivers. But we only sold three for N300,000 each.   We sold the vehicles at Alaba and Okokomaiko areas of Lagos. We abandoned   the rest   when we did not get buyers. We shared the money equally but the owner of the gun usually got N10,000 extra”.


Like everything that has an end, Olamide, met his waterloo , as he was arrested the first   time his gang snatched   a private car from its owner around Abijo estate,   Lekki- Ajah axis.

On that day, the gang of three went out as usual and ordered for an Uber. Like in other cases, they pointed a gun at the driver of the Toyota Camry car and ordered him to drive them to a convenient place, where they planned to push him out and zoom off with the car.

He said , “But as we were driving, we discovered that the Camry car had a fault. Just then, we saw another Toyota Corolla in front of us. Godwin ordered us to hit   the car from behind    . When the person stopped to check the damage, we pointed our gun at him, collected his two iphones and   car keys   and   zoomed off in his car”.

Stolen car given out as Uber

At this point, his partner in crime, Musa Akeem , 24, continued from where Olamide stopped. He said that the   snatched   Toyota Corolla car was parked at his place with an instruction for him to look for a buyer.     He said that a man who   initially showed interest in it, backed out when he could not provide the original documents of the car.

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He said, “ I met one Sunny at a smoking   joint who said I should give it to one Segun who was looking for a car to operate as Uber. I declined at first but when I did not get any buyer, I gave it out to Segun to operate as Uber , with a weekly remittance   of N25,000. He also made part payment of N100,000”.

The operator had only paid for two weeks when the suspects were arrested via the Iphones stolen from the owner of the Totoya Corolla. As at the time the vehicle was recovered , it still retained the original   plate number .

Recovered from the suspects,   were a face mask,   spinner, an axe and a   knife.

Crime Guard gathered that they would be charged to court at the end of investigation.



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