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Etiquette in the Gym (2)

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By Janet Adetu

We are still in the gym trying to get our act right without sabotaging our image. I hope you have been following all the tips in Part 1. This is the final belt on our etiquette tips for using the gym, I hope you find them useful.

  1. Dress to impress

Some people find the gym an excuse to go bare, but how bare should you go?

Because it is a gym you really do not want to be wearing clothes that are too thick or baggy. In choosing gym wear look out for the right fit. Some people wear gym wear a size too small and end up revealing way too much. Your gym wear should be stylish, try to colour co-ordinate from top to bottom to portray a good image. It should be comfortable and clean. Don’t wear gym clothes more than once, especially if you have previously sweated in it, this is not hygienic and is a clear image killer. Somehow I still see women wearing blouses, casual trousers and flats to the gym, some wear bedroom scarves or nets, some even come braless. It shows they have just jumped out of bed without a second thought, worn the nearest thing and headed straight out for the gym. Some women even after taking a shower spend more time and detail wearing makeup and lots of perfume to the gym.

What is your mission for going to the gym?

Follow the gym dress etiquette guidelines below when going to the gym:

  1. Wear mainly lycra wear to the gym (elasticated easyfit)
  2. Trainers are best footwear for comfort
  3. Wear a sports bra for better support during exercising
  4. Medium to long gym trousers are better when using equipment that involve sitting.
  5. Beware of  wearing shorts in the gym or hot pants
  6. Avoid wearing your glasses to the gym you don’t need them.
  7. Socks is a must inside your trainers for better grip and to avoid the aftermath of too much feet sweating.
  8. If you are having a bad hair day wear a sports cap.
  9. Minimal jewellery is expected at the gym.
  10. Always tie your hair back from your face to maintain concentration.
  11. Carry a sports bag and not a designer bag to the gym. Leave all valuables behind.
  12. Invest in different gym wear of various colours
  13. Hair Flaws

We women tend to spend so much money on our hair, so sometimes we would rather avoid the gym for the fear of ruining our lovely hair do. It is so much easier to tie your hair back when going to the gym. Wearing a cap may also help keep the hair intact. It may sound funny but it must be said: Don’t make the mistake of wearing your rollers on your head just because you are going to work straight from the gym. Remember even in the gym image is everything and perception is reality.

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  1. Bare Essentials Bathroom Tactics

In the gym I know women are all the same and really have nothing to hide. A lot of women I find don’t mind revealing all their bare essentials when getting ready in the bathroom. A number of ladies use this opportunity to get ready for work and totally take over the bathroom as if it was their very own at home. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating how much freedom some women have in such a public place. What is yours is yours I recommend you act with caution when using the shower or washroom, not everyone is comfortable with such environments. Please cover up your bare essentials all for the sake of decency.

  1. A Fruit or Two

Exercise does make us peckish and even hungry. If you are fortunate some gyms provide a variety of basic fruits like apples or bananas for their members to help replenish lost energy. In your bid to alleviate your hunger be careful not to overdo the taking. An apple is a sufficient after exercise, don’t take more than one it would create a wrong image of you if you did otherwise.

  1. Dining Etiquette at the Gym

If your gym has a cafeteria be careful not to indulge in too much food so soon after exercising. Most cafeterias will offer juices, smoothies and teas with breakfast bars, light salads, soups and sandwiches. Watch your intake at this point the real essence of eating would be to regain strength not to satisfy your appetitive. Eat in grand style even if it is only a salad and a smoothie, remember you are being constantly watched. While discussing with others avoid talking about your favourite or worst food. There is no need to start counting calories as most foods will be specific with health intentions. Avoid any form of gossiping especially over someone’s weight or image.

  1. Rapport

The gym is also a good opportunity to meet new people. Many people go the gym do what they have to do and leave immediately. To exchange common pleasantries and introductions appears an impossible task. You never know where you can meet each other again or if that person can be a valuable acquaintance. The world is so small it is important to maintain a good first impression everywhere you go. Likewise engage in good rapport after all you will surely learn something new. Do not hesitate to be the first to introduce yourself, be brave and courageous. In the same light choose when you want to engage in conversations avoid being a rumour monger and a nuisance.

Well I hope I have been able to through more light on proper conduct in a public place like the gym. It is the New Year take out time for health and wellness. It’s the new you.





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