July 31, 2019

Peace mass transit appreciates Afikpo passengers with enticing edifice

PMT, Safety

Travellers to, and from Afikpo, the second biggest urban city in Ebonyi State have been savouring the refreshing ambience of the remodelled Peace Mass Transit (PMT) depot in the historic town.


The beautiful edifice, located on 7 Ngodo Road, Amangbala, is a befitting upgrade on the original structure. It was apparently executed to perfect specification in line with management-ordered improvement on all PMT depots across the country.

Afikpo is second only to Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, in landmass and development, and situated on a hill on the southern flank. It is the main gateway for other important neighbouring towns like Uwanna hosts of the Federal Polytechnic, and Amasiri.

Even though the original PMT structure In Afikpo ranked among the best in the neighbourhood, management still felt the need to upgrade it to an even more enticing edifice, to adequately reflect the new face of PMT as a service-driven concern.

The environment is cool and inviting with the new trade-mark PMT travelers’ lounge, fitted with a flat-screen television on a full bouquet broadcast cable.

Okpani Nwosu, an excited PMT passenger confessed his love for the new-look office. “What is worth doing is worth doing well”, he quipped. “Everybody needs good stuff”.

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Another passenger, who preferred anonymity, praised PMT for giving attention to even small details, “I think I like this”. She confessed.

Executive Director of operations, Ifeanyi Enete, reiterated management’s resolve to upgrade most, if not all PMT offices across the country.

“We are constrained by finance, owing to dwindling resources, but we are bending over backwards, to make our environments conducive to our passengers,” he said.

“Our first priority is safety; second is passenger comfort”, he stated.

PMT has over 68 depots across the country with a fleet of over 2,000 active mini-buses.