Omobewaji Oyediji, simply known on Instagram as Mo’bewa is not your run of the mill Yoruba actress of rusty character, she’s lively, refreshing and stylish. She belongs to the golden generation of Yoruba actresses who are changing the old narrative into a breezy blend  of glamour and class. She’s quietly defining her path and walking it with assured gait and confidence. In this interview she talks love, relationship, romance and the industry. Hear her:


Why did you choose to venture into the Yoruba movie industry and not the English?

I actually started with the English sector. I just delved into the Yoruba sector early last year and it has been  wonderful but not an easy journey so far.

Omobewaji Oyediji
Omobewaji Oyediji

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What was your first experience on set like?

My first experience on set was actually amazing. I remember my director shaking my hands and telling me “you were made for this”


It has been rumoured that top actors and actresses bully upcoming acts into kneeling or doing other stuff as part of respecting them. How true is this?

I haven’t been told to kneel by any senior colleague but whenever I meet my senior colleagues, I kneel to greet them out of pure respect, not because I was ordered to do so.


In which movie did you make your first appearance and how many movies have done so far?

I can’t exactly remember the name of my first movie. It’s been about 9 years now but if you are talking about the movie that paved way for other movies for me, it was actually a TV series titled ‘Casino’ by Micro Media Productions.


A good number of actors have come out to say that the movie industry is not lucrative. Is that why you’ve ventured into other businesses?

The movie industry is actually a lucrative one for the known acts. A lot of producers consider it risky giving an upcoming act a lead role and all. I have always loved doing business, I like being called a business woman which is why I run mine, not because people think the industry isn’t lucrative.


How did your parents react to your decision to act?

My dad didn’t exactly support the acting thing but my mom has always been my support system, she helped me sneak to an audition one time and that for me was a push and I went all the way to make not just her but both my parents proud.


Who are your mentors in the industry?

My mentors in the industry are Funsho Adeolu and the delectable Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde. I came into the industry through Funsho Adeolu. He is a great man and a great boss. He is more like family; he saw my zeal and helped with the dream.


Are you of the opinion that a lady should be figure 8 to stay trendy?

I don’t think a lady needs figure 8 to be trendy. You are beautiful the way you are, figure 8 or not. Nobody should body shame you or make you feel less of yourself in any way because everyone is unique in their own way.


Cinema movies, TV series or home videos. Which do you prefer and which should be improved upon?

I prefer TV series and home videos because not everyone has the opportunity to visit the cinema and even if they do, not all the time. And yes, we need improvements in all areas, even with the cinema movies too. We can always do better.


What has been your experience with love?

My experience with love has been a very funny and crazy one, but it can only get better. I am currently in a relationship and I love every bit of it. I can still remember my ex telling me to quit acting because he wouldn’t want to get married to an actress but no, I wouldn’t give up on my dreams because of a man, and now I am with someone who loves and appreciates what I do.


Are Nigerian men romantic?

Nigerian men are romantic if they are genuinely in love with you. My ideal man has to be God-fearing before anything else. I am a strong believer and so he must also fear God. He has to be hardworking, intelligent, good looking and my number 1 fan.


How in your opinion should partners bond when in a relationship?

Sex is not overrated as everyone thinks. It is beautiful as it was designed by God. Having it in marriage makes it extra beautiful. Partners can bond in relationships by getting to know each other through dates, getaways and asking questions.


Do you have a celebrity crush?

Yes of course. My celebrity crush is Terrence Jenkins


Are you into any charity or CSR organization or projects?

Yes I am. I should launch my foundation soon and it will cater for orphans and widows. I can’t let out too much information on that yet until we are ready for the launch.


In your opinion, are movies really important to the society?

I think movies are actually important. A lot of people watch movies and they can learn from it and also relate it to their real life experiences.


What’s your greatest movie of all time?

My greatest movie of all times is Titanic



What are your dreams, hope and aspiration for the next 5 years?

My dreams, hopes and aspiration for the next 5 years is that I’d have graduated from a very good film school abroad. Hollywood is actually my focus. I hope to go and make Nollywood proud over there. I should also be married with kids in 5 years and in all these moments, I want to be a vessel for God’s use.


Give a brief background about yourself

My name is Omobewaji Oyediji. I am an actress, a writer, a model and an entrepreneur. I’m a single lady from Osun state. I attended Leso-Rond nursery, primary and secondary school in Gbagada, Lagos. I have 2 Bachelors degree; one in accounting which I got in 2015 and the other in mass communication which I got in 2017, both from the University of Lagos. I was born in Lagos and I’m the third child and only girl of three kids.


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